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The Continent of Asia.

Asia Accurate in Imperia , Regna Staus & Populos Divisia, ad Usum Ludovici XV Galliarum Regis. Covens, Jean & Mortier, Corneille. Asia Accurate in Imperia , Regna Staus & Populos Divisia, ad Usum Ludovici XV Galliarum Regis. Carte d'Asie.

Amsterdam. Covens et Mortier c1741
Copper engraved map of Asia from Covens & Mortier's " Nieuwe Atlas, Inhoudennde vier Gedeeltens der Waereld.. " Original full wash colour; verso blank.
Black and white strap work title cartouche [as issued].
The map after Guillaume De l'Isle's shows the whole continent, with part of Europe and Africa to the West across to the Pacific in the East.
Inset to upper right corner of Irkut.province. Dark impression; bright full wash colour; printed on heavy paper, short centre fold split at lower margin with old repair to verso and lower margin; old red crayon numbers to verso.
Koeman I: C&M 8:84, [C&M 10] 500 by 620mm (19¾ by 24½ inches).    €650
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The Empire of Japan divided into seven provinces and subdivided into sixty-six kingdoms. Gilles Robert de Vaugondy The Empire of Japan divided into seven provinces and subdivided into sixty-six kingdoms. "L'Empire du Japon divisé en sept principales parties et subdivisé en soixante et six Royaumes , Par Sr.Robert Géog. ord du Roi avec privilege 1750." Paris Robert de Vaugondy, Gilles et Didier. 1757
Copper engraved map of Japan by Gilles Robert de Vaugondy from "The Atlas Universel". Original outline colour ; verso blank.
A first state dated 1750. One of the first maps to show the more correct North-east sweep of the islands and also is of interest for the dual-naming of the sea between Korea and Japan, here called Mer de Corée and Mer de Japon.
Decorative title cartouche with vignettes of oriental landscapes. Dark impression; light toning; scattered spotting.
AOG, 100. Pedley, Belle et utile, 410 ; Campbell 65: OAG 100. 500 by 560mm (19¾ by 22 inches).    €800
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Asia Antiqua.

Ancient Asia. Janssonium, Joannem. Hornius Georgius. "N. Visscher excudit." Ancient Asia. "Asia Antiqua Cum Finitimis Africae Et Europae Regionibus Nicolaus Blancardus Belga Leidensus, Ad Lucem Aevi Vereris Delineabat.." Amsterdam Janssonium, Joannem. c1652-60
Copper engraved map of Asia Antiqua prepared by Nicolaas Blankaart for Janssonius' "Accuratissma Orbis Antiqui Delineatio Sive Geographia vetus, sacra,& profana." the 6th volume of the "Atlas Novus." Black & white; verso blank.
Decorative title cartouche upper right; dedicatory cartouche with coat of arms to lower left ; embellished with 12 Roman coins along lower edge .
The map first appears in 1652 but as this edition is without text to verso it is difficult to accurately date from which edition it comes, however the quality of paper suggest a later edition. Good impression, on thinner laid paper, wide margins, old ink number and title to blank verso.
see Koeman II; Me 177B & Ja 8 . 467 by 555mm (18½ by 21¾ inches).    €400
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The Spice Islands

Die Inseln Mollucae Johann Janssonius. "N. Visscher excudit." "Die Inseln Mollucae" "Insularum Moluccarum Nova Descriptio." Amsterdam. J. Janssonius. 1649
Copper engraved map of the Spice Islands, the Moluccas by Janssonius. from " Nouvus Atlas, Das ist: Wetbeschreibung.. " Vol 3. black & white ; German text to verso.
The map shows the "Spice" or North Maluku islands with details of the plantations and the forts of Tabillola, Mauritius, Nassau and Malayo established by the Dutch after they had expelled the Portuguese in the seventeenth century
Large decorative title cartouche supported by dolphins; scale with strapwork surround; 2 compasses roses and numerous ships and monsters to sea; 2 natives stand in the lower right corner.

The Indonesian archipelago of the Moluccas (or Maluku Islands), commonly referred to as the Spice Islands, lies on the equator north of Australia and west of New Guinea. Though there are hundreds of islands in the group (most are very small), only a handful figure prominently in the history of the European spice trade, including today's Ternate, Tidore, Moti, Makian, and Bacan—essentially the ones shown on the map. Until the 1700s, these rain-forested, luxuriant, volcanic islands were the only or best sources of such spices as cloves, nutmeg, and mace.
Arab traders introduced cloves to Europeans around the fourth century but sought to keep their sources secret. Their monopoly was broken by the Portuguese after Vasco da Gama's voyage to India around the Cape of Good Hope in 1497. The Portuguese strengthened their stranglehold on the spice trade during the sixteenth century, when they found the central locus of the spices to be these islands. One of the native traditions was to plant a clove tree when a child was born, linking the child symbolically to the life of the tree. When the Dutch took over control of the Moluccas in the seventeenth century, they eradicated the clove trees from all the islands except Amboina (and a few adjacent islands) in order to enforce the spice's scarcity, keeping prices high. As a result, cloves were worth more than their weight in gold. However the Dutch tactic also instilled hatred and fomented rebellion among the islanders. Gradually, the spice was cultivated in other places of the world, like Brazil, the West Indies, and Zanzibar, reducing prices and making the commodity more available. Good impression; lightly toned as so often with Janssonius' maps; slight show through of text from verso.
Koeman II; Me.136A /N, [305] Van den Krogt 1; 415 392 by 505mm (15½ by 20 inches).    €400
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Australia; Gulf of Carpentaria & Papua New Guinea.

Nouvelle Guinée et Carpentarie. Mallet, Allain Manesson. "Nouvelle Guinée et Carpentarie". Paris Thierry. Denys. 1683
Copper engraved map of part of Papua New Guinea and the Gulf of Carpentaria in Australia, from Mallet's "Description de l'Univers" 1st edition. Text to verso. .
Mallet leaves vague the relationship between New Guinea and the coastline of Carpentaria, as if they were joined, unaware that Torres had sailed through the strait now named for him. Dark impression; 2 worm holes [2mm] to inner blank margin.
Suarez: "Early mapping of the Pacific". 157 by 118mm (6¼ by 4¾ inches).    €130
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Japanese Culture.

Temple de Daibuth; Temple dAmida ou il ya Mille idols; Emp. du Japon & Japonnois Mallet, Allain Manesson. "Temple de Daibuth"; "Temple d'Amida ou il ya Mille idols"; "Emp. du Japon" & "Japonnois" Paris Thierry. Denys. 1683
4 Copper engraved illustrations of Japanese culture: 2 of temples + portrait of the Emperor & Japanese costumes. from Mallet's "Description de l'Univers" 1st edition. Text to versosof all but 1 [blank]. 4 plates. Dark impressions.
150 by 103mm (6 by 4 inches) Daibuth; 155x107mm Amida; 145x100mm Emperor; 160x107mm costumes.    €45
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Isle Maurice Mallet, Allain Manesson. "Isle Maurice" Paris. Thierry. Denys. 1683
Copper engraved view of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean showing the now extinct giant tortoises being ridden by European travellers. from Mallet's "Description de l'Univers" 1st edition. Blank verso. Dark impression. Some dampstaining to lower blank margin.
148 by 100mm (5¾ by 4 inches).    €60
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South Pole, Antarctica.

Continent Meridional Austral ou Antarctique. Mallet, Allain Manesson. "Continent Meridional Austral ou Antarctique". Paris Thierry. Denys. 1683
Copper engraved map of Antarctica, showing New Holland [Austalia]; part of Van Diemans Land [Tasmania] and a coast of New Zealand, from Mallet's "Description de l'Univers" 1st edition. Text to verso. . Dark impression: 2 worm holes [2mm] to inner blank margin.
153 by 113mm (6 by 4½ inches).    €100
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Hokkaido/ Yesso, Japan.

Terre de Iesso. Mallet, Allain Manesson. "Terre de Iesso". Paris Thierry. Denys. 1683
Copper engraved map of Hokkaido/Yesso island and straits in Japan from Mallet's "Description de l'Univers" 1st edition. Text to verso. . Dark impression.
150 by 110mm (6 by 4¼ inches).    €100
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Kyoto/Miaco. Japan.

Miaco &Palais du Dairo. Mallet, Allain Manesson. "Miaco" &"Palais du Dairo". Paris Thierry. Denys. 1683
2 Copper engraved views of Kyoto/ Miaco: general view of the city + a view of the Palace from Mallet's "Description de l'Univers" 1st edition. Text to versos. 2 plates. Dark impression.
150 by 106mm (6 by 4¼ inches) Miaco. 151x103mm palace.    €90
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