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The Black Sea, Crimea and Constantinople.

The Black Sea and  channel of Constantinople. Visscher, Nicolaes. The Black Sea and channel of Constantinople. "Nouvel carte de la Mer Noire et du Canal de Constantinople...." Amsterdam. Visscher, Nicolaes , "in de Visscher, Klaverstraat". circa 1680
Copper engraved map of the Black sea, Crimea with inset map of the Dardenells and constantinople by Nicolaes Visscher. Original full wash colour; verso blank.
The map shows the black sea with crimea with an inset map to upper right of the Dardenells and Constantinople. Dark impression; bright original full wash colour, old ink number to upper right corner and light brown spots to edge of upper margin
Zacharakis 3636/2358 485 by 577mm (19 by 22¾ inches).    €650
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The Island of Martinique.

The Island of Martinique. Visscher, Nicolaes. The Island of Martinique. "Insula Matanino Vulgo Martinico in lucem edita per Nicolaum Visscher" Amsterdam Visscher, Nicolaes , 1657
Copper engraved map ofthe island of Martinique by Nicolaes Visscher. Black & white; verso blank.
The large mapshows the island of Martinique, during the conquest of the island by the French. North on the compass rose errs by 45° East. In 1635 the Compagnie des Îles de l'Amérique sent nearly a hundred settlers from St Kitts to Martinique, where they built Fort St Pierre. On the map the island is divided in two with Demeure de Francois to the north and west, and Demeure de Sauvages (the indigenous Caribs) over the rest of the island. The map does not mention Fort St Louis, a second fort built by the French in 1638. The Caribs were exterminated or exiled by 1660.
On 15 September 1635, Pierre Belain d'Esnambuc, French governor of the island of St. Kitts, landed in the harbour of St. Pierre with 150 French settlers after being driven off St. Kitts by the English. D'Esnambuc claimed Martinique for the French King Louis XIII and the French Compagnie des Îles de l'Amérique, establishing the first European settlement at Fort Saint-Pierre (now St. Pierre).
In 1636, the indigenous Caribs rose against the settlers to drive them off the island in the first of many skirmishes. The French successfully repelled the natives and forced them to retreat to the eastern part of the island, on the Caravelle Peninsula in the region then known as the Capesterre. When the Carib revolted against French rule in 1658, the Governor Charles Houel de Petit-Pré retaliated with war against them. Many were killed; those who survived were taken captive and expelled from the island. Some Carib had fled to Dominica or St. Vincent, where the French agreed to leave them at peace.
Decorative title cartouche to lower left. Good impression; light even toning; short tesr to right margin entering image [approx.40mm]with old repair to verso and similar tear to left margin; short split at lower centre fold [repaired];short tear to upper blank margin. repaired to verso; light creases.
463 by 570mm (18¼ by 22½ inches).    €400
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An Allegorical Depiction of Asia as a Beautiful Lady.

Asia. Vve. Turgis. Asia. "Asie Asia" Paris lith. de Turgis ; Casse freres a St. Gaudens. c1840
Black & white lithograph depicting Asia as a beautiful lady by Vve Turgis,
The illustration shows Asia as a beautiful lady dressed in fine silks with an ornate head dress; she is surrounded by roses against a landscape including a ruined castle and palm tree; below is a framed vignette of the same lady and a man in Eastern attire upon a terrace. Clear dark impression; some light creasing to surround.
380 by 275mm (15 by 10¾ inches).    €150
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The World with California as an Island.

The World. Weigel Christoph The World. "Planiglobium Terrestre Minus, in hanc forman reductam a Iohanne Bapt Homanno Geogr..." Noribergæ/Nuremberg Weigel Christoph 1718-20
Copper engraved double hemisphere world map by Christoph Weigel after Johann Bapt Homann. Original colour. verso blank.
The map is from the " Atlas Manualis Scholasticus et Itinerarius " and is a reduced version after Homans early world map with California as an island. Insets of polar projections, where Homann has celestials, the vignettes surrounding the map including the winds in the upper half and the landscapes below are the same as in Homann's map. Dark impression; light toning to edges of blank margins; centrefold split ,repaired at lower margin ;slight printers crease close to lower centerfold.
284 by 355mm (11¼ by 14 inches).    €1800
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George William's account of Jerusalem.

The Holy City; Williams, Rev. George Rev.W.f.Witts, B.A. The Holy City; or,Historical and topographical Notices of Jerusalem; with some account of its Antiquities and of its Present Condition. London & Cambridge John.W.Parker; T.Stevenson. 1845
Octavo; 2 parts in 1 volume; xvi,512p.[including appendices and index]. Modern cloth ex Library.
The first part gives the history of the city, whilst part 2 is concerned with the topography and antiquities. 11 lithograph views of the city, last large folding birdseye view at rear; additionally 3 plans:1 double page coloured of the Holy Sepulchre; woodcut vignettes as head and tail pieces to each chapter. Ex Bath Municipal Reference Library; ex libris of Library; blind stamps to title, some text pages and all but 4 of the plates.
Plate 4: Entrance to the Holy Sepulchrewith short repaired tear to blank margin; plate 5: Acra, Bezetha and the Scopus, with repair to edge.
Light scattered foxing to plates.
Stock No. 3085 - Atlas & Travel Books full description

India & South East Asia.

India & The East Indies Wit, Frederick de India & The East Indies "Tabula Indiæ Orientalis.". Amsterdam. Fredericum de Wit 1680?
Copper engraved map of India and South east Asia by Frederick de Wit from his " Atlas Maior". Original outline colour; verso blank.
The map shows the area from Persia with the subcontinent of India extending to the East Indies with the islands of Indonesia and the Philippines, part of the coast of China, the interior obscured by the title cartouche: the Northern coast of Australia to lower right corner Good impression; light toning to extreme edges; centrefold splits top [40 mm] and bottom [130 mm] with old repair to verso; paperfault? repaired near lower centrefold; 3 short tears to lower edge, repaired with archival tape to verso; old ink numbers to verso.
Koeman III: Wit 8 /73. 460 by 568mm (18 by 22¼ inches).    €1000
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Tartary and China.

Tartary and the Major part of the Kingdom of China Wit, Frederick de Tartary and the Major part of the Kingdom of China "Tabula Tartariæ et Majoris partis Regni Chinæ". Amsterdam. Fredericum de Wit 1680?
Copper engraved map of Tartary by Fredeick de Wit from his " Atlas Maior". Original outline colour; verso blank.
The map shows North Eastern Asia from the Caspian sea to the Pacific. In the South the area covering the modern countries of Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan across Northern India and Bangladesh to China, Taiwan and Japan; whilst to the North, parts of Russia, Kazakstan across to Mongolia and Manchuria. The Great wall of China is clearly shown. Korea is cartographically correct as a peninsular but Sakhalin Island is missing or is included in the sketchy outlines of Yedso shown according to the voyages of De Vries.
[Ezo, Yezo or Yeso is a Japanese name which historically referred to the lands to the north of Japan. It was used in various senses, sometimes meaning the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, and sometimes meaning lands and waters further north in the Sea of Okhotsk, like Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands.] Good impression; light toning to extreme edges; tiny hole to centre of centrefold; old strengthening to verso of centrefold and old ink numbers.
Koeman III: Wit 8 /72 444 by 552mm (17½ by 21¾ inches).    €600
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Asia accurate and recently emended. Wit, Frederick de Asia accurate and recently emended. "Accuratissima totius Asiæ Tabula Recens Emendata.". Amsterdam. Fredericum de Wit 1680?
Copper engraved map of Asia by Fredeick de Wit from his " Atlas Maior". Original full wash colour; verso blank.
The map shows the continent of Asia from Constantinople to Japan , with part of Australia, " Hollandia Nova ." In the upper right corner outline of part of the coast of Hokkado.
Large decorative vignette surrounding title with merchants and a camel; ships to sea. Good impression; light dampstaining to side edges just entering plate; short centrefold split [40mm] at lower margin, with old repair to verso; old ink number to verso.
Koeman III: Wit 3 /4. 495 by 583mm (19½ by 23 inches).    €1200
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Frederick de Wit's Famous Map of the Peloponnesus surrounded by Forts with Full Original Colour.

Peloponnesus Wit, Frederick de Peloponnesus "Peloponnesus Hodie Morea Regnum, Distincté divisum in Omnes suas provinccias Hodernas atque Veteres cui et adiunguntur insulae Cefalonia, Zante, Cerigo et St Maura". Amsterdam. "Amstelodami apud. F.Covens et C. Mortier" c1740
Frederick de Wit's famous map of the Peloponnesus, published by Covens and Mortier. Original full wash colour to body of map, cartouche and vignettes black and white as issued; 2 sheets joined; verso blank.
First published by de Wit in c1680, this is the edition of Covens and Mortier who included it in some of their atlases using de Wit's plate.
The map with large decorative cartouche surmounted by the lion of Venice is surrounded by 14 vignettes of important towns and castles: Navarino, Zarnata, Castle Tornese, Corinth, Malvasia [ Monomvasia] Patras, Coron, Napoli di Romania[ Nafplion], Modon [ Methoni], Mistra, Athens, Cerigo[ Kythera] S. Maura [Levkada] and Lepanto.
The vignettes are reduced versions of the illustrations by Coronelli from his" Memorie Isttorigriograpfice elli Regni della Morea, Negreponte et littoral.."[1686]. Dark impression; bright colour; folded. Tiny paper flaw at above "Traxio" in Ellis causing thinning, only viewable when held to light.
Zacharakis: 3712/2390. 505 by 765mm (20 by 30 inches).    €4000
Stock No. 3233 - Greece. full description

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