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View of the City of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Merian Matthäus Copenhagen "Hafnia Metropolis et Portus Celeberrimus Daniæ._ Coppenhagen" Frankfurt MW Hoffman for Matthäusr Merian 1642-59
Copper engraved view of Copenhagen from Matthaus Merian's edition of Johann Ludwig, Gottfried's, "Historische Chronica oder Beshreibung der funerstein Geschten so sich von Abfang der Welt..". Black & white; verso blank.
The view shows the city from the sea. with many ships to the foreground. Key below of important buildings. Good impression; folded.
213 by 336mm (8½ by 13¼ inches).    €350
Stock No. 2002 - Europe full description

Pomerania, Baltic.

Pomerania. Ortelius, Abraham. Phillip Galle. "Pomerania. " Antwerp Joannem Bapt. Vrientium/ Vrients. 1601
Copper engraved minature map by Phillip Galle of Pomerania, from" Epitome theatri Orteliani praecipuarum orbis regionum delinaetiones. . Editio ultima" Latin text to verso, describing the succeeding map. . Dark impression, overall toning, light foxing to blank margins.
Koeman Ort58; Phillips 413; 79 by 110mm (3 by 4¼ inches).    €50
Stock No. 1371 - Europe full description


Islanda. Porcacchi Da Castiglione, Tommaso Islanda. "Descrittione dell'Isola d'Islanda." Venice Simone Galignani & Girolamo Porro. 1620
Copper engraved map of Iceland by Girolamo Porro from Porcacchi's " L'Isole piu Famose del Mondo" 1620 6th edition [ 1st 1572]. Set in a page of descriptive Italian text, with decorative woodcut headpiece and historiated initial. Single page. folio, text to verso.
The island is surrounded by smaller islands and Icebergs. Good impression; lightly toned.
110 by 150mm (4¼ by 6 inches).    €300
Stock No. 1846 - Europe full description

Panorama from Kungsholmen of Stockholm.

Kingsholmer bridge Stockholm Richter, Joh August. Kingsholmer bridge Stockholm " Kõnigsholmer Brücke. zu Stockholm in Schweden." Augsburg? Richter, Joh August c1750
Copper engraved panoramic view Stockholm over the Kõnigsholmer bridge,by Johann August Richter. Black & white as published.
The major buildings are identified in the key at lower right.

Poseidon in the foreground pointing down at the city. The view is in the style of Bodenehr including the banner title and Poseidon looking down on the city Fair impression; folded with some extra creases.; repaired tear to upper blank margin.
176 by 550mm (7 by 21¾ inches).    €500
Stock No. 2032 - Europe full description

Scania, Skåne, Southern Sweden.

A New and Accurate Desrption of Scania, Blekingia And Hallandia. Seutter, Matthäus A New and Accurate Desrption of Scania, Blekingia And Hallandia. "Descriptio Nova et Accurata Scaniæ, Blekingiæ et Hallandiæ." Augsberg Seutter, Matthäus 1720-40
Copper engraved map of southern Sweden by Matthäus Seutter from his "Atlas Novus". Original colour; verso blank.
The map shows the provinces of Skåne, Halland and Blekinge in southern Sweden, with an inset map of Halland to the lower right corner , Large decorative title cartouche surrounded by winged Victory sounding a trumpet, and a conquering soldier with cannons and guns, a reference to the long history of warfare between the Swedes and Danes over the area. Decorative scale cartouche with coats of arms of the 3 provinces. Good impression; colours bright ; vignettes/cartouches black & white as issued; slight browning to edges and to centrefold from glue of guard to verso; occasional light foxing ;blank margins shortdue to size of plate; old ink number to verso
495 by 577mm (19½ by 22¾ inches).    €500
Stock No. 2541 - Europe full description

Plan and Prospect of Copenhagen

Plan de Copenhague, Capital et Residence du Roy de Denniemarck Seutter, Matthäus "Plan de Copenhague, Capital et Residence du Roy de Denniemarck" "Copenhagen die Königl. Dänsiche Haupt und Residentz Stadt. in Grund.." Augsburg, Lotter, Tobias Conrad, [1741] 1756
Copper engraved plan of Copenhagen originally from Seutter's "Atlas Novus". Original old colour; title & text in French and German; verso blank
The plan shows the city and port of Copenhagen with her fortifications, with important buildings indicated and identified in a key; ships to the port and sea; two coats of arms.
In the lower third a fine and detailed prospect of the city [black & white as issued].
The map bears the imprint of Tobias Conrad Lotter at the bottom indicating it is from his "Atlas minor. Praecipua orbis terrarum imperia,." 1756 in which he republished maps of his father in law. Good dark impression; bright colours.
505 by 585mm (20 by 23 inches).    €1000
Stock No. 2537 - Europe full description

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