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View of Windsor, Berkshire.

Windsor. MEISSNER Daniel, Eberhard Kieser. Eberhard Kieser Windsor. Vindesorin Engellandt. Nuremberg Paulus Fürst 1638
Copper engraved view of Windsor engraved by Eberhard Kieser for Daniel Meissner from Thesaurus philo-politicus, edition of Paulus Fürst Libellus novus politicus emblematicus civitatum. Black & white; text in Latin and German below image. From the 7th part numbered "G".
View of Windsor; above the Latin tag Propria Laus Sordet,below a moral text by the poet Daniel Meissner. Dark impression; light spotting to lower margin.
97 by 149mm (3¾ by 5¾ inches).    €100
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The British Isles After Ptolemy

British Isles. Münster, Sebastian. British Isles. "De insulis Brittanicus, Albione, quæ est Anglia, & Hibernia ,& de civitatibus earum in genere." Basileae Henricum Petri 1552.
Woodcut vignette map of the British Isles from Sebastian Münster's famous "Cosmographia". Black and white; set above Latin text with text to verso.

The miniature map shows the distorted islands; Waterford is identified in Hibernia Ireland ; Edinburgh, London Oxford and Dover, with the main island divided into Scotia, Wallia, Angliaand Cornwall. Good impression; some pencil underlining to text.
79 by 135mm (3 by 5¼ inches). Full page:318x210mm.    €100
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Miniature Map of England from the First English World Atlas.

England. Ortelius, Abraham. Phillip Galle. England. "Anglia." At London [Henry Swingenius for] John Norton, 1602
Copper engraved miniature map of England from "An Epitome of Ortelius his Theatre of the Worlde" English text to verso [ a description of Scotland the succeeding map, which it would face].
The map is the plate by Phillip Galle as published in the Latin edition printed by Vrients in Antwerp in 1601. Good impression; some light soiling mainly to blank margins; darker brown stain to left blank margin; worm track to upper left corner and paper fault to lower blank margin, far from printed area.
Koeman III Ort 62; Phillips 3407; STC 18857 77 by 106mm (3 by 4¼ inches).    €100
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