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Scarce French map after Ortelius's "Graecia Sophiani".

Greece. Le Roy,H. "H LeRoy Fecit" Greece. "Ελλαs. Graecia Sophiani." "A Paris " "Chez N Langlois rue Saint Jaques àla Victoire" c1640-60
Copper engraved map of Greece after Ortelius by Henri Le Roy. Original outline colour; verso blank.
Decorative title cartouche and scale.
The map by Henri Le Roy seems to have first been published by Michel Van Lochom in 1636 and then by J Boisseau in 1643 in his " Tresor des Cartes Géographiques". Thereafter the plate seems to have passed through a number of hands including that of Pierre Mariette who was stepfather to Nicolas Langlois the present publisher. Dark impression; signs of former framing, leading to toning and tape to edges on verso; dampstain to lower margin; centrefold split, due to removal of guard, repaired to verso.
This edition not in Zacharakis [ Zacharakis; 2019/1344, 2020/1345, 2021/1346 and 451/274 variants] 355 by 488mm (14 by 19¼ inches).    €850
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Athens, Attika.

Athens Attika. Loschge, Leonhard. Athens Attika. "Atene" Nürnberg/ Nuremberg. Loschge Leonhard. 1687
Extremely scarce small copper engraved map of Athens and surroundings, from Loschge's "Neue vermehrte Beschreibungder trflichen Halbinsel Morea mit den Angrezenten Inseln und Provinzen des Coronelli und andern Italianischen Schriften"
Modern hand colour.
The map shows the position of Athens on the gulf of Aegina; the location of the "Temple di Minerva "at Sunion and the near islands, Aegina Kea &c.. Good impression; modern hand colour.
Zacharakis:2097. 66 by 114mm (2½ by 4½ inches).    €180
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Continental Greece.

Macedonia, Epirus & Achaia. Mercator Gerhard, Hondius Jodicus. Macedonia, Epirus & Achaia. "Macedonia, Epirus et Achaia." Amsterdam, " Exusum in aedibus Jodici Hondij veneunt etiam apud Corneliu Nicolai. item apud Joannem Janssoniu Arnhemi." 1607
Copper engraved map of Continental Greece from the first edition of Gerhard Mercator's "Atlas Minor". Latin text to verso.
The map shows mainland Greece from Macedonia, Epirus and Achaia with the nearby islands. Dark impression; old ink number to upper margin just touching plate; damp stain to lower margin just touching plate.
Koeman: Me186; Zacharakis 2222/1459. 147` by 177mm (5¾ by 7 inches).    €150
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Macedonia, Epirus and Achaia.

Macadonien, Epirus und Achaia. Mercator, Gerhard . Macadonien, Epirus und Achaia. "Macedonia, Epirus and Achaia." Amsterdam Janssonius, Jan 1649
Copper engraved map of Macedonia, Epirus & Achaia by Mercator, published by Janssonius in his "Novus Atlas, Das ist: Welt-Beschreibung... " Vol 3. Original old colour; German text to verso.
The map first appears in the second part of Mercator's Atlas in 1589 [Me11].
Decorative title cartouche surrounded by putti; ships to sea. Good dark impression; toned as so often with Janssonius maps, with some show through of text from verso; splits at upper and lower centre fold [ each approx 60-70mm repaired with tape to verso]; margins trimmed, as can be seen on the verso just touching some words.
Zacharakis:2213/1453; Koeman II: Me.136 A/ Nnn, map71]. 360 by 435mm (14¼ by 17¼ inches).    €650
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Macedonia, Birthplace of Alexander the Great.

Macedonia. Mortier, Pierre. Macedonia. "Macedonia Alexandri Magni Patria." Amsterdam Petrum Mortier 1705
Copper engraved map of Macedonia by Pierre Mortier from his "Atlas Antiquus" edited by Joannes Clericus. Original outline colour; verso blank.
The map shows the kingdom of Macedonia, birth place of Alexander the Great; part of Thesaly and Epirus and an unnamed, strangely shaped Kerkyra. Dark impression: generally clean and bright; age toning to edges .
Zacharakis;2394/1567; KoemanIII:Mor 4;map62. 439 by 555mm (17¼ by 21¾ inches).    €650
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Münster's Ptolomaic projection of Greece,

<em>New Griechenland so ieczunt Türctei ist.</em> Münster, Sebastian New Griechenland so ieczunt Türctei ist. "New Griechen land mit andern anstossenden Landern wie es zu unsern zeiten beschriben ist" Basle Petri, Heinrich. c1544-72
Woodcut map of Greece after Ptolomaeus from Sebastien Munster's "Cosmographia". Modern hand colour; German title panel on verso is surrounded by an engraved city view [uncoloured].
The map first appeared in the 1540 Basle edition of Ptolomaeus edited by Munster. It is extremely difficult to identify from which edition of the "Cosmographia" the map is taken; Petri published 27 editions with German text.between 1544-1572 . Dark impression; some soiling to blank margins; 2 short tears to lower margin repaired with archival tape to verso.
Zacharakis:2438. 256 by 346mm (10 by 13½ inches).    €500
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Greece after Ptolomaeus.

Nova Græcia secundum omnes regiones & ptovincias citra & ultra Hellispontum Münster, Sebastian. "Nova Græcia secundum omnes regiones & ptovincias citra & ultra Hellispontum" " Tabula Nova Graciae...." Basileae Henricum Petri 1552.
Double page woodcut map of Greece from Sebastian Münster's famous "Cosmographia". Black and white; Latin title to verso.

The map shows Greece and the Balkan peninsular according to Ptolomaeus, with part of Asia Minor [ Turkey]. the map first appeared in Munster's Basle edition of Ptolemy in 1540; it would be replaced in 1588 with a map of Modern Greece [Zach .2439/1580] Good impression; small hole at top centre fold above title and at lower centre fold in blank margin[ from former binding]; light diagonal creases to lower corners; minor staining to margins.
Zacharakis :2438/1579. 255 by 342mm (10 by 13½ inches).    €500
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Griecken. Ortelius, Abraham. "Iacobo Castado" Griecken. "Graeciae Univerae Secundum hodierum situm Neoterica Descriptio." "Antverpiæ"/Antwerp.. " ghedruckt by Gieles van Diest." 1571/3
Copper engraved map of Greece after Jacob Gastaldi from Ortelius' "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum" 1571 edition; coloured ;Dutch text to verso.
The map is from the first Dutch text edition of the "Theatrum". Good dark impression; ligtly toned; old red crayon lines from Arta to Lamia and on the Isthmus of Corinth, various other pencil underlinings; Short centrefo0ld split at lower margin [repaired to verso].
Van de Krogt :3; .Koeman: Ort 3, 40; Zacherakis: 2485/1610; van den Broecke:146. 362 by 513mm (14¼ by 20¼ inches).    €1100
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Griechenlandt. Ortelius, Abraham. "Iacobo Castado" Griechenlandt. "Graeciae Univerae Secundum hodierum situm Neoterica Descriptio." "Antverpiæ"/Antwerp.. " ghetruckht by Gieles van Diest." 1572
Copper engraved map of Greece after Jacob Gastaldi from Ortelius' "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum" 1571 edition; black & white; German text to verso.
The map is from the first German text edition of the "Theatrum". Good dark impression; modern colour; ligtly toned and some light soiling.
Van de Krogt :3; .Koeman: Ort 5, 40; Zacherakis: 2485/1610; van den Broecke:146. 363 by 513mm (14¼ by 20¼ inches).    €1000
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Ægina, Saronic Gulf.

Ægina. Piacenza, Francesco Delinea Fran Placentia
Sculpsit Fran.Guianottus Mut.
Ægina. "Engia." Modena "Eredi Soliani stampatori Ducali" 1688
Copper engraved map of Ægina in the Saronic Gulf. from "L'Egeo redivivo, o' sia choragraphia dell' Archipelago". Text to verso. Good impression, slight show through of text from verso.
Zacharakis :2686/1750 169 by 123mm (6¾ by 4¾ inches).    €300
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