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The Azores, the most Western point in Europe.

Asores Insula; Tercera; Pico; Fayala. Ortelius, Abraham. Asores Insula; Tercera; Pico; Fayala. "Açores Insulae." "Antverpiæ"/Antwerp. "ex Officiana Plantiana" . Plantijn Christoffel. 1595
Copper engraved map of the islands of the Azores, Portugal from Ortelius' "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum" 1595 edition; black & white. Latin text to verso.
Decorative map of the most Western point of Europe, the Azores belong to Portugal and as such Europe extends very far west into the Atlantic.
3 cartouches; ships & monsters to the sea. Good dark impression; tiny wormhole to lower centre fold within "MERIDES".
Van de Krogt :3; .Koeman: Ort29 175[95]; van.de. Broecke:24. 330 by 465mm (13 by 18¼ inches).    €500
Stock No. 1778 - Europe full description

Miniature Map of Terceira, Azores from the First English World Atlas.

Tercera. Ortelius, Abraham. Phillip Galle. Tercera. "Terçera." At London [Henry Swingenius for] John Norton, 1602
Copper engraved miniature map of Terciera, Azores from "An Epitome of Ortelius his Theatre of the Worlde" English text to verso [ a description of Spain the succeeding map, which it would face].
The map is the plate by Phillip Galle as published in the Latin edition printed by Vrients in Antwerp in 1601. The island is surrounded by ships and whales in the sea. Good impression; some light soiling mainly to blank margins; small spot to lower blank margin; tiny worm track and pinholes to lower blank margin, far from printed area.
Koeman III Ort 62; Phillips 3407; STC 18857 77 by 104mm (3 by 4 inches).    €50
Stock No. 2936 - Europe full description


Portugal. Quad, Matthias Portugal. "Portugalia que olim Lusitania, novissima et exactissima descriptio. Auctore Vernando Aluaro Secco.." Cologine Johann Bussemacher 1596
Copper engraved map of Portugal after Vernando Aluaro Secco from Mattias Quad's "Europea totius orbis terrarum praestantissimae.." Black & white; Latin descriptive text to verso; old ink note.
The map is dated 1590 in the title cartouche. Monsters and ship to sea.; shield within the map with long desription about Aluaro beside it. Dark impression; evenly toned; ink number to upper right corner; upper centrefold split repaired
182 by 265mm (7¼ by 10½ inches).    €400
Stock No. 2021 - Europe full description

Ancient Spain/ Iberian Peninsular.

Tabula Europae II. Ruscelli, Girolamo. Gioseffo Rosaccio, after Giacomo Gastaldi. "Tabula Europae II. " "Tavola Seconda d'Europa Antica, In cui si contiene tutta la Spgna, partia in tre Provincie, insieme con l'Isole, che vi sono vicine. " Venice Hereredi di Melchior Sessa. 1598-99
Copper engraved map of Ancient Spain and the Iberian Peninsular from the 4th edition of Ruscelli's " Geografio di Claudio Tolemeo, Alessandrio. . ", edited and augmented by Rosaccio. Italian text to verso. 4to.
Rossacio has added a galley and 2 large fish to the sea. Dark impression; spot within the plate; ink blot to right, blank margin.
Sabin:66507 192 by 263mm (7½ by 10¼ inches).    €180
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Lisbon the Capital of Portugal.

Lisbon Stridbeck, Johann Lisbon "Lissabon die Königlichte Haupt und Residenz Statt in Portugall." Augsburg Stridbeck, Johann c1700
Copper engraved view of Lisbon,from Johann Stridbeck's "Curiosen Staats und Kriegs Theatrums"Black & white as published.
The view shows the city from the sea with many boats and ships in the foreground.
The view was later issued by Gabriel Bodenehr in his"Europe Pracht und Macht" with a key and description to the left Dark impression.
166 by 320mm (6½ by 12½ inches)to plate mark.    €350
Stock No. 2033 - Europe full description


Old plan of Lisbon Unknown Old plan of Lisbon "Vieux Plan de Lisbonne." France Unknown c1700
Copper engraved view of Lisbon, Black & white as published.
The view shows the city from the sea with many boats and ships in the foreground. Title on banner to sky.
Descriptive text below image. Dark impression; remargined at sides; multiple folds as the view seems to have come fom a small octavo book; tiny holes to image at joints of folds.
223 by 357mm (8¾ by 14 inches).    €500
Stock No. 2035 - Europe full description

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