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The Fort of Phyle, Attika.

Phyle. Stackelberg, Otto Magnus von, Baron. Baron de Stackelberg del .Tirpenne lithog. Phyle. "Phylès" Paris J.F. d'Ostervald 1829-1834
Black & white lithograph of the fort of Phyle Attika from Stackelberg's " La Grèce. Vues Pitttoresques et Topographiques." First and only edition: double page from an unfolded edition; blank verso.
The view shows the Athenian Phyle frontier fort, part of a chain of forts on Attika's northern border, which lies against the Parnes Mountains and protects one of the passes towards Thebe. The viewlooks over
the plain of Eleusis and in the far distance the Acropolis of Athens is marked by Stackelberg. Clean & bright.
Navari/ Blackmer: 1593; Sotheby's/Blackmer 1031 405 by 672mm (16 by 26½ inches)Image including title.    €500
Stock No. 1871 - Greece full description

Scarce map of Greece with Stunning Original Colour.

Greece and the Archipelago. Valk, Gerardium & Leonardum Greece and the Archipelago. "Graecia et Archipelago, divisus in singulares Regiones Macedoniae, Albaniae, Epiri, Thessaliae, Achaiae et Morea; quibus accedunt Insulae Candia, Corcyra, Cephalonia ,Zcintho, Stalimene, Metelino, Chios etc." Amsterdam Valk, Gerard and Leonard c1702
Copper engraved map of Greece and the Archipelago by Gerard and Leonard Valk. Original full wash colour; verso blank.
The map first appeared in Schenk and Valk's "Atlantis Sylloge Compendiosa," c.1702; it shows the whole Greek peninsular and the Aegean with the coast of Asia Minor and the adjoining countries to the North. The territories of Greece and Albania, Macedonia and the Islands with full wash colour. Major towns heightened with red. Good dark impression with bright original full wash colour; occasional offset of colour; two old ink numbers to blank margins.
The maps of Schenk and Valk are famous for their full wash colour, however often the pigments, particularly in the greens deteriorated leading to browning and eventually causing the paper to crack, for this reason it is unusual to see such bright original colour.
Zacharakis: 3609/2342; Koeman III, p138, Map no 36. 600 by 496mm (23½ by 19½ inches).    €1000
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The Archipelago of Greece.

The Archipelago, Greece. Visscher, Nicolaes The Archipelago, Greece. "Exactissima totius Arhipelagi nec non Græciæ Tabula in qua omnes subjacentes Regiones et Insulæ distincte ostennduntur per Nicolaum Vissche Amstelo- Batm.r" Amsterdam Visscher, Nicolaes , "in de Visscher, Klaverstraat" circa 1680
Copper engraved map of Greece and the Archipelago by Nicolaes Visscher. Original full wash colour; verso blank.
The map shows the peninsular of Greece with the islands of the Archipelago in the Aegean sea; part of Asia minor to the right. Decorative title cartouche, surmounted by the god Apollo [ original colour]; engraved texts beside many of the islands highlighting important towns and sites Good impression; light even toning; some foxing and damp staining mainly to to blank margins; short centre fold split at upper margin, old repair to verso; light stain at upper centre fold; short split at lower centre fold [repaired].
Zacharakis 3627/2350. 475 by 570mm (18¾ by 22½ inches).    €800
Stock No. 2494 - Greece full description

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