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Crete with a Prospect, Panoramic view of Iraklion.

The island of Crete and the adjacent islands of the Aegean with the new island of Santorini ... Lotter Conrad Tobias The island of Crete and the adjacent islands of the Aegean with the new island of Santorini ... "Insuls Creta nunc Candia in sua IV Territoria distinicta, cum aliqoud adjacentibus Ægei maris Insulis imprimis Nova Santorini insula modo ante XXVII annos ex abysso marsi emersa..."
"Creta nunc Candia"
Augsburg, Lotter Conrad Tobias 1772
Copper engraved map of Crete with View of Iraklion after Seutter from Lotters "Atlas Novus." . Original old colour; verso blank
The map shows the island of Crete, taken from the Homann map of 1712 { Zacharakis 1641/1879] with the a long text beside the newly emerged island at Santorini following the volcanic eruption of 25th May 1707: "In 1707, activity began again, the small when two cones appeared. They were called Aspronisi and Macronesi. Those were united in the course of the following five years by an island which formed between Palea and Small Kameni, much larger and higher then either and was called Nea (New) Kameni .This island, is the youngest island in Greece."[Santorini Living ]
Below is a panaromic view of Iraklion, black & white as issued.
The map was first published by Lotter's father-in-law Matthaüs Seutter in his "Atlas Novus" in 1728 who took the lower part of Homann's map re-engraved the cartouche and text and added the scale to the right half of the map. Seutter then added the panoramic view below the map. . Seutter is renowned for his detailed plans and prospects of cities which appeared in his "Atlas Novus".
Decorative title cartouche with imprint of Lotter replacing that of Seutter. The vignette shows a Janissary overseeing 2 turkish sailors loading cargo; grapes and wine barrels adorn the pedestal; in the background a large sailing ship and on the mountains a herd of Kri-Kri the indiginous capricorn of Crete.
The view with title to sky. Good dark impression; 4 small worm holes near title of view, 2 more near seashore of castle. The map was bound in an atlas at he left margin, but folded at centre [ hence the pairs of wormholes]; crease to left side up to the cartouche and also to upper right corner; light soiling to margins, ink stamp removed to lower right margin. A good example of a scarce prospect/map.
Zacharakis:2103/1308 500 by 561mm (19¾ by 22 inches).    €1500
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Isle de Candie Mallet, Allain Manesson. "Isle de Candie" Paris Thierry. Denys. 1683
Copper engraved map of Crete [ callled Candia by the Venetians] with Milos, Sikino Santorini etc to the North, from Mallet's "Description de l'Univers" 1st edition. Text to verso. Dark impression.
Zacharakis 2152/1416 153 by 112mm (6 by 4½ inches).    €80
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Isle de Crete. Mallet, Allain Manesson. "Isle de Crete". Paris Thierry. Denys. 1683
Copper engraved map of Crete with Milos, Sikino etc to the North, from Mallet's "Description de l'Univers" 1st edition. Text to verso. Decorative title cartouche. Dark impression.
Zacharakis 2151/1415 145 by 98mm (5¾ by 3¾ inches).    €100
Stock No. 1293 - Greece full description

Iraklion, Crete.

Candie. Mallet, Allain Manesson. "Candie". Paris Thierry. Denys. 1683
Copper engraved view of Iraklion, called by the Venetians "Candia" from Mallet's "Description de l'Univers" 1st edition. Text to verso. Dark impression.
148 by 100mm (5¾ by 4 inches).    €80
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Crete, Greece.

Candia. Mercator, Gerard. Petrus Kaerius/ Pieter Van der Keere. "Candia. " Amsterdam, Johannis Cloppenburgji. 1632
Copper engraved map of Crete/ Candia, from" Gerardi Mercatoris, Atlas sive Cosmographicae Meditationes de Fabrica mundi et fabricati figura, "Latin text to verso. Dark impression; evenly toned; some dampstaining to blank margins; dark damp stain to upper margin; some spotting; wormtrack 6mm. to right scale.
Keoman:Me200; Zacharakis: 2282/1503. 187 by 253mm (7¼ by 10 inches).    €300
Stock No. 1448 - Greece full description

Crete, and Islands.

Candia. Mercator, Hondius, Janssonius. Petrus Kaerius/Pieter van der Keere. / Abraham Goos. "Candia. " "Crete, ou Candie, Corfu, Zante &c. " Amsterdam, Joannis Janssonii. 1628
Copper engraved map of the island of Crete, with 6 small maps of Greek islands above, namely: Corfu/Kerkyra, Zante/ Zakinthos, Milo, Nicsia/Naxos. Santorini/Thira and Scarpanto/Karpathos. from the "Atlas Minor" of Gerhard Mercator. French text to verso. Dark impression; very small worm hole to lower, blank margin, evidence of a crack in the plate to right scale of Crete.
Koeman: Me195; Zacharakis:2242/1472. 143 by 199mm (5¾ by 7¾ inches). `    €250
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The Island of Crete.

Crete. Myller, Angelicus Maria. Crete. "Candia" Wien, Nurnberg, Peter Conrad Monath. 1735
Copper engraved map of Crete from Angelicus Maria Myller's "Peregrinus in Jerusalem..". Modern hand colour; verso blank.
The map shows the island with the city of Iraklion- Candia dominating the north coast; with the mythical Labarynth marked in the centre of the island; the nearby small islands are shown; galleons decorate the sea. Good impression; modern habd colour; mounted.
Zacharakis /1594 152 by 190mm (6 by 7½ inches).    €450
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Ancient Crete with Corsica, Sardinia & the Ionian islands.

Creta; Sardinia; Corsica; Insula Maris Ionii. Ortelius, Abraham. Creta; Sardinia; Corsica; Insula Maris Ionii. "Creta Iouis Magni, medio iacet insula ponto." "Antverpiæ"/Antwerp.. "Apud Joannem Bapt. Vrintium"Jan Baptist Vrients. 1601
Copper engraved map of Ancient Crete from "The Parergon " of Ortelius' "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum" 1601 edition; black & white. Latin text to verso.
The map shows ancient Crete in the lower half with 3 smaller maps above of Corsica, the Ionian Islands & Sardinia, in ancient times. Good dark impression; some soiling and spotting mainly to blank margins; light creasing to centre fold and two horizontal creases to lower blank margin; very short tears to lower edge and corners somewhat ragged.
Van de Krogt :3; .Koeman: Ort34 xxix [7P]; Zacherakis: 2504/1621; van den Broecke:217d. 340 by 490mm (13½ by 19¼ inches).    €750
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Town plan of Iraklion, Crete.

Iraklion. Peeters, Jacques. Peeters, Jacques excudit. . Iraklion. "Candia." Antwerp Peeters, Jacques. after1685
Decorative copper engraved town plan by Jacques Peeters of Candia- Iraklion from "Description Des Principales des Villes. . . . " , Modern hand colour; verso blank.
The plate is decorated with numerous ships to the sea, banner title "Candia" above ; Key below. Dark impression.; mounted.
Blackmer/Navari: 1276; Laor 1091-1093, Koeman III p94 (note). 150 by 211mm (6 by 8¼ inches).    €250
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Candia Piacenza, Francesco Delinea Fran Placentia
Sculpsit Fran.Guianottus Mut.
"Candia" Modena "Eredi Soliani stampatori Ducali" 1688
Copper engraved map of Crete, from "L'Egeo redivivo , o' sia choragraphia dell' Archipelago". Signed in the plate F. Placentia. Verso blank. Good impression but slightly faint to upper scale; some slight toning: folded.
Zacharakis :2630/1694 140 by 185mm (5½ by 7¼ inches).    €500
Stock No. 1677 - Greece full description

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