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Ancient Nemea.

Valley of Nemea. Stackelberg, Otto Magnus von, Baron. Baron de Stackelberg del . Villeneuve Lith. Valley of Nemea. "Valée de Némée." Paris J.F. d'Ostervald 1829-1834
Black & white lithograph of the valley of Nemea from Stackelberg's " La Grèce. Vues Pitttoresques et Topographiques." First and only edition: single page; blank verso.
A distant view of the temple of Zeus in the Valley of Nemea. Even light toning; spinkling oflight foxing with a few darker spots to blank margins.
Navari/ Blackmer: 1593; Sotheby's/Blackmer 1031 224 by 403mm (8¾ by 15¾ inches) image within border, title and key below. page size;370x506mm    €250
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Frederick de Wit's Famous Map of the Peloponnesus surrounded by Forts with Full Original Colour.

Peloponnesus Wit, Frederick de Peloponnesus "Peloponnesus Hodie Morea Regnum, Distincté divisum in Omnes suas provinccias Hodernas atque Veteres cui et adiunguntur insulae Cefalonia, Zante, Cerigo et St Maura". Amsterdam. "Amstelodami apud. F.Covens et C. Mortier" c1740
Frederick de Wit's famous map of the Peloponnesus, published by Covens and Mortier. Original full wash colour to body of map, cartouche and vignettes black and white as issued; 2 sheets joined; verso blank.
First published by de Wit in c1680, this is the edition of Covens and Mortier who included it in some of their atlases using de Wit's plate.
The map with large decorative cartouche surmounted by the lion of Venice is surrounded by 14 vignettes of important towns and castles: Navarino, Zarnata, Castle Tornese, Corinth, Malvasia [ Monomvasia] Patras, Coron, Napoli di Romania[ Nafplion], Modon [ Methoni], Mistra, Athens, Cerigo[ Kythera] S. Maura [Levkada] and Lepanto.
The vignettes are reduced versions of the illustrations by Coronelli from his" Memorie Isttorigriograpfice elli Regni della Morea, Negreponte et littoral.."[1686]. Dark impression; bright colour; folded. Tiny paper flaw at above "Traxio" in Ellis causing thinning, only viewable when held to light.
Zacharakis: 3712/2390. 505 by 765mm (20 by 30 inches).    €4000
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