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Cyprus & the Deserts of Egypt and Arabia.

The Deserts of Egypt , Arabia & Syria with Cyprus. Alexis Hubert Jaillot. The Deserts of Egypt , Arabia & Syria with Cyprus. " Les Deserts d'Egypt, de Thebiade d'Arabie et de Sirie &c...." A Paris. "Chez E Michalet" 1693
Large double page copper engraved map of Cyprus, Egypt and Syria from Jaillot's "Atlas Nouveau"1698. Original full colour; verso blank.
The map shows the Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus as it lies off the coasts of Egypt, Arabia & Syria. The map is oriented North east with Cyprus at the top centre and the Red Sea also in the centre of the map
Decorative title cartouche and scale. Evenly toned; some minor spotting mainly to margins but also within the Red Sea; old ink number in top right corner of margin.
570 by 780mm (22½ by 30¾ inches).    €1200
Stock No. 1863 - Greece full description


Cyprus Münster, Sebastian. "Cyprus" "Cyprus Insula." Basileae Henricum Petri 1552.
Vignette woodcut map of Cyprus from Sebastian Münster's famous "Cosmographia". Black and white; set in a page of text; Latin text and further vignette to verso.

The map which first appeared in the 1550 Latin edition, shows the island with a banner title and ship to sea. Set in a page of text about the island on the verso of the map is a woodcut vignette depicting 2 deer as the text quotes Pliny " Stags cross the sea in herds, swimming in a long line, the head of each resting on the haunches of the one that precedes it, each in its turn falling back to the rear. This has been particularly remarked when they pass over from Cilicia to the island of Cyprus. Though they do not see the land, they still are able to direct themselves by the smell. "Pliny the Elder: Natural History Book 8 ch 32. Good impression; long tear from bottom edge through text just entering image by 15mm through " Mare Aegyptiu"to keel of ship [Repaired to verso with archival tape].
Zacharakis :2447/1586 98 by 150mm (3¾ by 6 inches). Full page:318x210mm..    €300
Stock No. 2810 - Greece full description

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