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Superb Large Map of the Peloponnesus.

The Peloponnessus with the Islands of Zakinthos, Kefalonia, Kythera and Levkada. Alexis Hubert Jaillot. The Peloponnessus with the Islands of Zakinthos, Kefalonia, Kythera and Levkada. " La Morée Et les Isles de Zante, Cefalonie, Ste. Maura, Cerigo &c..." A Paris. "Chez H Jaillot joignant les grandes Augustins, aux 2 globes" 1692
Large double page copper engraved map of of the Peloponnesus after Sanson, from Jaillot's "Atlas Nouveau"1698. Original full wash colour; verso blank.
The large impressive map extends from just north of the gulf of Corinth and includes the Ionian islands of Levkada, Kefalonia ,Zakinthos and Kythera; decorative title cartouche including a victory wreath of olive branches with the Lion of Venice triumphant above the crescent of the Ottomans. surrounded by 12 vignette plans of the ports and castles captured by the Venetians; Passava 1685, Chiefela 1685, Navarin 1686, Zarnata 1685. Mistra autrofois Sparte 1687, Patras 1687, Napoli de Romanie 1686, Malvasia 1687, Dardenelle de Lapante 1687, Calamata 1687 Coron 1685, Modon 1685.
Scale to lower right corner. Light toning and some slight off setting.
Mounted in line washed passpartout.
Zacherakis: 3163/2072; listed under Sanson, 565 by 850mm (22¼ by 33½ inches).    €1650
Stock No. 3066 - Greece full description

Scarce Map of the Peloponnesus.

Peloponnesus. Beauvau, H. Baron de.; engraved by Jean Appier Hanzelet, of Lorraine, Jean Appier Hanzelet, of Lorraine, Peloponnesus. "Moree." Nancy Jacob Garnich. 1615,1619
Copper engraved map of the Peloponnesus from Beauveu's "Relation Journalière du voyage du Levant". Black & white, set above key and text; text to verso.
The finely engraved map shows the whole of the Peloponnesus and the surrounding islands including the coast of continental Greece, the gulf of Corinth, the Saronic gulf, Attica and some of the islands of the Archipelago.
the key identifies numbers engraved within the map, mainly the islands but also Athens, Sunium and Lepanto. Dark impression, including ink spot within sea.
Zacharakis:251/140; Atabey 85; this edition not in Blackmer (cf. 106 for first illustrated edition); Brunet I.724 (s.v Beauveau) 102 by 153mm (4 by 6 inches).    €500
Stock No. 2759 - Greece full description


Morea. Blaeu, Guiljelmus. Morea. "Morea olim Peloponnesus." Amsterdam Joahannes and Cornelius Blaeu. 1659
Original coloured, copper engraved map of the Peloponnesus from Joan Blaeu's "Atlas Mayor. sino Cosmographia Bavania en La Qual Exactamente Se descrive La tierre, El mar Y El Cielo" Double page; folio; Spanish text to verso.
The map shows the Peloponnesus with the gulf of Corinth to the north, the islands of the Saronic Gulf and Cerigo/ Kithera
Decorative old coloured title cartouche surmounted by the Ottoman flag; scale cartouche to upper right; ships to sea.
From the scarce Spanish text edition of the" Atlas Major". Original colour; minor spotting worse to margins; left margin trimmed but ample; two worm tracks [approx 10mm] to each side blank margin; short split at lower centre fold & crease to lower left corner [backed with archival tape] .
Zacharakis;385/246; Koeman1, Bl 60A [274/Kkk] 412 by 494mm (16¼ by 19½ inches).    €650
Stock No. 2500 - Greece full description

The East Coast of the Peloponnesus.

The East Coast of the Peloponnesus. Boschini, Marco. The East Coast of the Peloponnesus. "Damala et Altreis" Venice. Niccolini, Francesco. 1658
Copper engraved map of the eastern part of the Peloponnesus from Boschini's "L'Archipelago con tutte Isole, scolgio secche, e bassi fondi, con i mare, golfi, seni, porti, citta e' castelli. " Italian text to succeeding map to verso; modern hand colour.
The unusual map shows the coast of Argolis and the Argo-Saronic gulf. Portrayed with south at the top it is more recognisable when turned 180 degrees showing the Isthmus of Corinth, the islands of the Saronic gulf, Aegina, Methana [Damala of the title], Hydra, Poros ,and Spetze. the Argolic gulf with Nafplion and the coast down to Neapolis, including monomvasia. Good impression; slight show through of text from verso; modern hand colour; mounted.
Blackmer :172; Zacharakis:591/393. 175 by 116mm (7 by 4½ inches).    €500
Stock No. 2760 - Greece full description

The Peloponnesus Conquered by the army of Venice.

Peloponnesus today called Morea conquered by the Army of the Republic of Venice... CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria. CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria. Peloponnesus today called Morea conquered by the Army of the Republic of Venice... "Peloponneso hoggidi Morea,Conquistata dall'Armi della Serenis, Repub. di Venezia, Descritta da Gio. Laurenberg...". Venice CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria. 1692-7
Large double page copper engraved map of the Peloponessus after the description of Laurenberg from CORONELLI's "Corso Geographico Universale." of 1692. Black & white; verso blank.
The large decorative map celebrates the conquest of the Peloponnesus by the Venetiians . text of various victories appear beside important ports, for example "Navarin preso da Ven 1686" see also Modon, Coron Kalamata and Nafplion. Details of the recapture of Lepanto in 1687 and also of Athens the same year.
Title cartouche to lower left corner with long dedication to Fra Marcello Sachetti ambassador of Pope Innocent XI and with reference to the Hospitallers of St George of Jerusalem, the whole surrounded by a victory laurel wreath supported on a stone pedestal with lions feet. Dark impression on thick laid paper; 4 tiny wormholes at centrefold; wax stain to upper corners of engraved area.
Zacharakis; 1082/675. 460 by 614mm (18 by 24¼ inches).    €750
Stock No. 2518 - Greece full description

Rare Plate of the Castles of the Peloponnesus by Danckerts.

The Forts of the Peloponnesus. Danckerts Justus The Fort's of the Peloponnesus. "D' Voornnamaste Fortressen van Moræa." Amsterdam. "uytgegeven door Justus Danckerts met Privelegio va de E:H;Staten van Holl: en Westvries-lant." c 1680s
Scarce copper engraved plate by Justus Danckerts showing the forts of the Peloponnesus. Original colour, verso blank. Title to banner.
The scarce plate shows 18 views of towns and forts of the Peloponnesus.
The towns shown are S. Maura [Levkada], Lepanto, Patras, Cefalonia, Navarino, Modon [Methoni] Coron, Calamata, Malvasia [Monomvasia], Napoli di Romania [Nafplion], Megara Athens, Casstel tornese, Mistra, Corinth, Zarnata, Fortresse de Zante, Fortresse de Cerigo [Kythera].
Published around the same period as Frederick de Wit's famous map of the Peloponnesus,[ Zacharakis3709/2387], Danckert's would also publish a map of Greece surrounded by vignettes[ Zacharakis Map 1280/869]
However these are not those views, which were similar to those of de Wit, who had used reduced versions of Coronelli's views from the Venetian author's "Memorie Isttorigriograpfice elli Regni della Morea, Negreponte et littoral.."[1686]. Here we see sea battles before the ports of Patras, Navarino, Modon and Nafplion which suggest they were original illustrations of the battles of the Venetian Turkish war [1684-1699.]
It is possible that the sheet was published as an adjunct to his map of the Morea and it has been suggested that the vignettes could be cut to surround that map as a border.
. Removed from a frame, light toning; some creasing at centre; ink anotaion below view of Coron; ink number to upper right corner.
The 4 lower vignettes measure :78x142mm; the other 14 are 78x134mm
not in Zacharakis 435 by 595mm (17¼ by 23½ inches).    €1400
Stock No. 3234 - Greece full description

Methoni/Modon, Messania, Peloponessus

Eylanden onder Kust van Modon Dapper, Olfert "Eylanden onder Kust van Modon" "Eilanden Sapiensa, Caprera etc" Amsterdam Wolfgangh, Waesbergen, Boom. Someren en Goethals 1688
Copper engraved map of Methoni/ Modon. set within page of text in Dutch, [page 163] folio. From Olfert Dapper's" Beschryving van Morea" 1688, showing the islands of Sapiensa. Kaloriea, Venetica and the coast of Modon. with a large galleon at the front. Good impression from a large paper copy with wide margins, text on verso.
Zacherakis 1292/876 130 by 165mm (5 by 6½ inches).    €100
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Kalamata/Calamata, Messania, Pelopenessus

t Hedendaaghs Calamata/ Calamata Dapper, Olfert "t' Hedendaaghs Calamata/ Calamata" Amsterdam Wolfgangh, Waesbergen, Boom. Someren en Goethals 1688
Two copper engraved views on one leaf. Page 41: the castle and settlement of Kalamata, ; Page 42 : "Kalamata of the Modern days ". set in text in Dutch. from Dapper's "Beschryving van Morea' 1688. " Dark impressions with wide marginsThe engravings are back to back. however it would be possible to frame both as one "Calamata" is in the upper half of the page [page 41] whilst the view of the "Moder
130 by 168mm (5 by 6½ inches) [Modern Kalamata. page42]; 135x165mm [Calamata, page 42]    €350
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Zarnata, Messinia, Peloponessus

Zarnata Dapper, Olfert "Zarnata" Amsterdam Wolfgangh, Waesbergen, Boom. Someren en Goethals 1688
Copper engraved view of the castle of Zarnata. set in page of Dutch text [page 34] from Dapper's" Beschryving van Morea", 1688. Single page Folio, text to verso. Good impression with wide margins. Page number just over plate mark.
130 by 165mm (5 by 6½ inches).    €100
Stock No. 1009 - Greece full description


Peloponnesus; Dapper, Olfert Joanne Blaeu. I. F Peloponnesus; "Nova et Accurata Moeræ olim Peloponnesus dictæ" Amsterdam Wolfgangh, Waesbergen, Boom. Someren en Goethals 1688
Large folding map of the Peloponnesus by Joanne Blaeu for Dapper's' Beschryving van Morea" of 1688. Engrved by Joannes de Broen. Dedicated " Amplissimo Spectatissimo prudentiß viro D. Nicolao Witsen I. V. D. Urbis Amstelodamensis Consuli et senatori tabulam hanc D. D" With the privelege of Holland and West frisiæ.
Two cartouches, the title cartouche surmounted by the lion of Venice, depicting the Turks as devils being cast out of" paradise' by the angels/ cherubim of Venice. Dark impression. with good margins [15-20mm], . Folded. Slight splitting in margins at 2 folds. 2 small holes at the points of the double folds, some slight creasing
Zacharakis391/250 460 by 555mm (18 by 21¾ inches).    €850
Stock No. 1011 - Greece full description

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