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Portrait of a Lady in a Pearl Necklace.

Portrait of a Lady. painted by François Pascal Simon, Baron Gérard Portrait of a Lady. No title. Paris G.Engelmann c.1822
Black and white lithograph portait of an unidentified, lady, after a painting by François Pascal Simon, Baron Gérard, lithographed by G. Engelmann. and Weber. India paper.
A stunning head and shoulders portrait of an unidentified, possibly Royal, lady, by the famous French artist Baron Gérard. The portrait was formerly bound in to a copy of Pancouke's Description de L'Egypt [dedicated to Louis XVIII,] but we have not been able to identify the sitter. Bright and clean; some spots to blank margins of paper upon which it is laid.
408 by 305mm (16 by 12 inches).    €100
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The Famous Beauty Mary Horneck.

Miss Horneck. Painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds. Engrav'd by R. Dunkarton. Miss Horneck. "Miss Horneck." London. Wr. Shropshire, No.158, New Bond Street. 1778
Scarce Mezzotint after Sir Joshua Reynolds, of Miss Horneck, (1753-1840), actress later Mrs. Mary Gwyn wife of General Gwyn; Oliver Goldsmith's Jessamy Bride .Later hand colour.
The original painting by Reynolds was exhibited Royal Academy in 1775 .
The portrait shows the actress in Turkish attire kneeling.
Mary Horneck was the younger daughter of Captain Kane William Horneck and Hannah Horneck. Upon the death of their father the sisters become wards of Sir Joshua Reynolds, the family being old Devonshire acquaintances of his. They lived in London with their mother, and were key beauties and wits in society. Goldsmith, who knew them well, playfully named Miss Catherine Little Comedy [from the resemblance between her face and that of the allegorical figure of Comedy in one of Reynolds's portraits of Garrick] and gave Mary the loving nickname of the Jessamy Bride.The family travelled with Goldsmith to Paris and he visited Catherine shortly after her marriage to the famous charicaturist Henry William Bunbury. The sisters' social as well as personal charms are uniformly spoken of by all. Mary, who did not marry till after Goldsmith's death, lived long enough to be admired by Hazlitt, to whom she talked of the poet with affection unabated by age, till he "could almost fancy the shade of Goldsmith in the room, looking round with complacency." Good impressionwith later hand colour; slight wrinkling; lower margin trimmed to 8mm from plate mark; laid to guard on left margin, edge of left margin chipped.
Chaloner Smith 25; Russell 25.III; Hamilton p.109.II;Maxted p.204. 500 by 355mm (19¾ by 14 inches).    €300
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