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Chielafa, Laconia, Peloponessus

Dapper, Olfert "Chielafa" Amsterdam Wolfgangh, Waesbergen, Boom. Someren en Goethals 1688
Copper engraved plan of the fort of Chielafa in Mani, set in a page of Dutch text [ page36] from Olfert Dapper's" Naukeurige Beschryving van Morea" 1688. Single page; folio; text to verso Dark impression, wide margins. page number just entering plate mark.

There is only one edition of Olfert Dapper's "Naukeurige Beschryving van Morea" with Dutch text published in 1688.
130 by 163mm (5 by 6½ inches).   ref: 1022  €50

Company: Bryan, Mary Louise. Address: Ag. Andrianoy 92 , 21 100 Nafplio, Greece.
Vat No: EL 119092581