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Peloponnesus/ Morea.

Porcacchi Da Castiglione, Tommaso. Girolamo Porro Of Padua "Morea Penisola" Venice Simone Galignani & Girolamo Porro. 1576
Copper engrvaed map of the Peloponnesus by Girolamo Porro from Porcacchi's " L'Isole piu Famose del Mondo" 1576 2nd edition [ 1st 1572]. Set in a page of descripive Italian text [page 101], with decorative, woodcut headpiece and historiated initial. Single page. folio, text to verso. Dark impression. good margins. Minor dampstaining to upper corners of leaf.

Tomasso Porcacchi da Castiglione first published his Isolario in 1572 in Venice, The maps were engraved by Girolamo Porro. whilst Porcacchi provided the descriptions.
The "Isolario" follows the tradition started by Sonetti and Bordone of "Island "books
Zacherakis 2731/1783 110 by 150mm (4ΒΌ by 6 inches).   ref: 1093  €250

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