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Japanese Culture.

Mallet, Allain Manesson. "Temple de Daibuth"; "Temple d'Amida ou il ya Mille idols"; "Emp. du Japon" & "Japonnois" Paris Thierry. Denys. 1683
4 Copper engraved illustrations of Japanese culture: 2 of temples + portrait of the Emperor & Japanese costumes. from Mallet's "Description de l'Univers" 1st edition. Text to versosof all but 1 [blank]. 4 plates. Dark impressions.

Allain Manesson Mallet 1630- 1706, French cartographer, engineer and mathematician, served in the army of Louis XIV, and also that of the King of Portugal later becoming Inspector of Fortifications to Louis. He published the "Description de l'Univers" in 1683, attempting to describe the cartography, towns, ports, people, habits and traditions of the known world. The work extended to 5 volumes with some 600 illustrations.
His other works were"Les Travaux de Mars, ou L'art de la Guerre" 1684, and "La geometerie Practique" 1702.
150 by 103mm (6 by 4 inches) Daibuth; 155x107mm Amida; 145x100mm Emperor; 160x107mm costumes.   ref: 1235  €45

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