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Ancient Asia Minor/ Natolia &c.

Ruscelli, Girolamo. Gioseffo Rosaccio, after Giacomo Gastaldi. "Tabula Asiæ I. " "Tavola prima d'Asia Antica, In cui si Contiene, Ponto, Bitania, Asia Minore, Licia, Galatia, Pansilia, Cappodocia, & Cilicia. " Venice Hereredi di Melchior Sessa. 1598-99
Copper engraved map of Asia Minor/ Natolia, from the 4th edition of Ruscelli's " Geografio di Claudio Tolemeo, Alessandrio. . ", edited and augmented by Rosaccio. Italian text to verso. 4to. Dark impression.

Girolamo Ruscelli (1505-1566) first published his new edition of Ptolemy in 1561/2, reprinted in 1564.
The maps were based on those of Giacomo Gastaldi.

Gio Malombra produced a revised edition in 1574 after Ruscelli's death.

Gioseffo Rosaccio revised and augmented Ruscelli in 1598 -99.
He retouched the maps adding names and information, but also monsters. animals and ships to many of the maps.
There were five completely new maps in his edition of the Modern Geography; namely the Continents and that of Hungary with Transilvania.
Sabin:66507 187 by 264mm (7¼ by 10½ inches).   ref: 1472  €200

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