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Constaninople, Turkey.

Rosaccio. Giuseppe. Franco, Giacomo. "Constantinopoli" Venice Giacomo Franco or M Sadeler 1598-1610
Copper engraved birdseye view of Constantinople from "Viaggio da Venetia, a Constantinopli per mare, e perterra, & insieme di Terra Santa. " edition without headings, blank to verso. Dark impression; wide margins.

Guiseppe Rosaccio's " Viaggio da Venetia a Constaninopli. . . " first appeared in Venice in 1598 published by Giacomo Franco, who also engraved many of the maps.
In the first edition the plates appeared within the letterpress with the title of the book above.
Navari notes that the maps may first have appeared in the little known work" Raccolta da disegni di tutti le ciità et fortezza di mare che sono nel viaggio a Constantiopli" published in Venice a year earlier [1597] and that some of the plates were engraved by Natale Bonifacio
This edition is without text on the verso or the heading title "A Constanopoli. " It may have been issued within a collection of the plates as an Atlas without the text of Rosaccio.
A copy of the work, with no text, appeared in Sotheby's auction in 2010 but was undated, which they felt suggested it may have been the later edition published by M Sadeler c 1610. but as all copies of the book are scarce it is difficult to be sure.
Zacharakis also has a footnote re copies without text to verso.
Blackmer. Navari 1447. 98 by 177mm (3¾ by 7 inches).   ref: 1540  €500

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