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The East Genovan Riviera, Italy.

Magini, Giovanni Antonio (1555-1617). The East Ligurian Riviera "Riviera di Genova di Levante." Bologna. Sebastiano Bonomi for the author. 1632
Copper engraved map of the coast of Liguria, from Genova to Spezia ,from Magini's "Italia, data in luce da Fabio suo figliuolo."Original old outline colour; verso blank with old ink map number to upper corner.
The somewhat naîve colour indicates the borders of the areas: Genova to the Apenines [ faded yellow]; green to show the "Stato del Prencipe Landi"; red for "Carrara" ;but not clear why some of the rivers are orange . Good impression; original old colour.

Born in Padua 1555, Magini studied astronomy from an early age. He was appointed Lecturer in Astronomy at the University by the Senate of Bolgna in 1588; [ he received the chair in preference to Gallileo].

As a cartographer, Magini's life's work was the preparation of "Italia "or the "Atlante geografico d'Italia ".This was intended to include maps of every Italian region with exact nomenclature and historical note and it was eventually printed posthumously by his son Fabio in 1620. He was the first Italian to produce an Atlas of his native country. A major project, the production (begun in 1594) proved expensive and Magini assumed various additional posts in order to fund it, including becoming tutor in mathematics to the sons of Vincenzo Gonzaga, Duke of Mantua, a major patron of the arts and sciences.
Magini dedicated the atlas to The Duke of Mantua, who had assisted him with this project helping him obtain cartographical material from the various sovereigns ruling the different Italian states at that time. The governments of Messina and Genoa also assisted Magini financially in this project.
Magini did not do any of the mapping himself. The maps derive from different sources, both known and unknown, and therefore represent the result of an original work of critical analysis and compilation.
Two of the most famous engravers of the time, Arnoldo Arnoldi and the Englishman Benjamin Wright, were entrusted by Magini to engrave the plates.

SECOND EDITION with the engraved hand-coloured portrait of the author dated 1632. Magini's" Italia "was first issued in 1620 but the second and third edition retained the 1620 date on the title. Magini engraved most of the maps by 1613 and the atlas was substantially completed in his life time, but published posthumously by his son Fabio. It exercised an immense influence that led to the maps being copied within and outside Italy.

Magini also edited a new edition of Ptolemy's Geographia with maps engraved by Girolamo Porro.
Graesse IV, 336; Nordenskiold 2 137; Shirley BL, T.MAG-1a. 385 by 477mm (15¼ by 18¾ inches).   ref: 1832  €600

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