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"Photo Pikos."

Dupré, Louis. Dupré, Louis. Photo Pikos "Photo Pikos, du Pays de Suli." Paris "Imprimerie de Dondey-Dupré, Rue St Louis, No 46, Au Marais." 1825-37
Coloured lithograph " Photo Pikos" from Louis Dupré's " Voyage â Athènes et â Constantinople...". Original hand colour; verso blank; blind stamp of Dupré as issued.
The image shows Photo Pikos in typical Suliote dress with a shaggy cape, necessary for the harsh weather of the mountains of Epirus.
The Suliotes, Christian Albanians had long fought with Ali Pascha, but were to fight beside him when he went against the Supreme Port, and were to be amongst the fiercest fighters of the Greek Revolution.

Dupré, arrived in Corfu at the beginning of March 1820, whilst there he took a great interest in the Suliote heroes living in exile upon the island since Ali Pasha's conquest of the Suliotes in 1804. One of the first portraits he drew was of Photo Picos, who was surprised that Dupré knew his history. Ironically the next portraits Dupré drew were whilst visiting Ali Pasha, in Joannina where Thomas Maitland encouraged Dupré to show Ali his drawings. It is reported that on seeing the portrait of Photo Picos Ali exclaimed "Oh, I know him, He is one of my enemies!" .
Whilst there negotiations were in progress concerning the fate of Parga.
On returning to Corfu, he drew the famous image of Nicolo Pervoli standing by the canon pointing across to the mainland.

Dupré left Corfu on the 23rd of March just a few days before 4000 exiles from Parga were to arrive in the Ionian islands. Generally clean and bright, light toning to outer balnk margins [ due to former framing?].

Louis Dupré [1789-1837].

A pupil of Jacques-Louis David in Paris, Louis Dupré became resident in Rome and was appointed official painter to the prince Jerome Bonaparte, in 1811.
In 1819 he traveled to Greece. He was received by the French consul Fauvel in Athens and introduced into Greek society allowing him to make his paintings of important personalities of the time, both in Athens and in Joannina where he portayed Ali Pascha, his family and attendants. He continued to Thessaly and from there he sailed to Constantinople, where he made the acquaintance of Prince Michael Soutzo of Moldavia with whom he returned to Italy via Romania.

His work " Voyage â Athènes et â Constantinople"was published in 10 livraisons, in Paris in 1825 through to 1837, consisting of 40 lithographs: portraits, costumes and views of Athenian antiquities.
[Colnaghi of London pirated 2 of the portraits of Ali Pascha and published them before Dupré.]

The work became synonymous with the Greek War of Independence. The image of Mitropolos, holding the Greek standard symbolises the Greek victory.
Colas 916; Lipperheide 1434; Droulia 901; Navari/ Blackmer: 517; Sotheby's/Blackmer 559 400 by 275mm (15¾ by 10¾ inches)image with title.   ref: 1894  €2000

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