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Andreas Asimakou Zaimis

Karl August Krazeisen J. Selb, P. Hess, Hohe and others after Krazeisen. Andreas Zaimis. "Zaimis," Munich, Karl August Krazeisen. 1828-1831., 1831
Black & white lithograph of Andreas Zaimis from Krazeizen's "Bildnisse ausgezeichneter Greichen und Philhellene nebst einigen Ansichten und Trachten." ["Portraits of famous Greeks and Philellenes, along with some views and costumes designed from nature and published by Karl Krazeisen").verso blank.

Head and shoulders portrait with printed signature below.

Andreas Asimakou Zaimis (1791–1840) was a Greek freedom fighter and government leader during the Greek War of Independence.
Born in Kalavryta, in the northern Peloponnesos, Zaimis was a leader of armed men who fought the Ottoman Turks, ultimately securing Greece's freedom.
In 1826, Zaimis was chosen as the leader of the interim Greek government. His son, Thrasivoulos Zaimis, and grandson, Alexandros Zaimis, would also serve as Prime Ministers of Greece. Image bright and clean; light spotting to blank borders.

Karl August Krazeisen 1794- 1878.
was an amateur artist and soldier in 1812 he entered the Bavarian army and took part in the 1813/1814's war against Napoleon's domination. In 1826, having by then promoted to lieutenant, along with 11 other Bavarians went to Greece,as aide to Carl von Heydeck where the Greek War of Independence was going through a critical phase, with the entrance of the Egyptians It was the first public action to support struggle of Greeks, taken by small European state of Bavarian King and Philhellen Ludwig.
Krazeisen was not a professional artist. But having the ability to draw, he used his stay in Greece with historical insight, creating portraits of the heroes of the war, the sketches of camps, costumes, uniforms,and battle plans. He returned to Munich in 1827,and published his Greek album, from 1828-31 which promoted the Greek cause throughout Europe
As Krazeisen had drawn all Greek leaders living at the time of his stay in Greece, his album constitutes a principal source and the most comprehensive collection of its kind: he remained the only artist to have portrayed the Greek national heroes during their lifetime. The newly founded modern Greek state honoured him with the Order of the Redeemer

Under the command of Charles Nicolas Fabvier Krazeisen was present at the battles of the Acropolis, Athens from November 1826 till April 1827 (Battle of Phaleron), he is portrayed by Theodoros Vrysakis in his famous painting of the event "The camp of Georgios Karaiskakis"(1855); indeed it is clear that Vrysakis used the portraits of Krazaeisen as reference for the painting.
Droulia 1426-29. Blackmer / Navari: 926; Blackmer/Sotheby's: 743). Lipperheide 1447. 460 by 350mm (18 by 13¾ inches)full page.   ref: 1943  €650

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