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The Continent of Africa

Le Rouge,Georges-Louis. Africa "L'Afrique Suivant les nouv.lles Obsevations.." A Paris Par le Sr le Rouge, rue des grands Augustins 1748
Copper engraved map of Africa from Le Rouge's "Atlas Nouveau portatif à l'usage des Militaires et du Voyageur" Original outline colour; verso blank
Decorative title cartouche with elephants. Good impression; folded to fit binding; upper margin short [3mm]; rust spot within madagascar.

George-Louis Le Rouge (c. 1707- 90)
was a Paris based map publisher operating in the middle part of the 18th century. Le Rouge was born in Hanover Germany as Georg Ludwig, where he was educated and employed as a military engineer and surveyor.Around 1740 Le Rouge moved to Paris, Francophied his name, and set up shop on the Rue Des Grands Augustins as an engraver, book publisher and map publisher.
Despite being born German and adopting Paris as his home, Le Rouge was an ardent Anglophile and spent much of his time translating English books and maps into French. Much of his cartographic work was based upon English maps.
During his active period of roughly forty years Le Rouge produced thousands of maps and diagrams ranging from city and town plans, to atlases, plans of military campaigns and sea charts. He was awarded for his diligence with the title "Geographe du Roi".
Le Rouge also worked with Benjamin Franklin to produce the important 1769 Franklin/Folger Map of the Gulf Stream. Franklin, who met Le Rouge in Paris, writes that "He [Le Rouge] is, I believe, a proper person."
230 by 285mm (9 by 11¼ inches).   ref: 2012  €100

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