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Minature map of Rhodes

Sandrart, Jacob von . The Island of Rhodes. "Rhodis Insula" Nurnberg Sandrart, Jacob von . 1682-6
Copper engraved minature map from Sandrardt's "Kurze Beschreibung von Venedig wie auch der Griechisen Provintz und Pen-Insel Morea sanbt der jetzigen Kreigs-Handlung,". Modern hand colour; verso blank. Dark impression.

Sandrart, Jacob von 1630-1708,
Born in Frankfurt-on-Main, Jakob von Sandrart learned his trade as both a painter and engraver in the Netherlands from his uncle Joachim von Sandrart (1606-1688) and later from Willem Hondius in Danzig. He established his own business as an art dealer in Nuremberg in 1656.
He producing over 400 portraits and several maps utilizing foreign sources as was customary for Low Country artists in the 17th century. He also employed Johann Babtist Homann as a young engraver.
Zacharakis: 3116/2068 113 by 65mm (4½ by 2½ inches).   ref: 2070  €250

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