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Philhellenic map of Rhodos.

Petrov, Ivan. Rhodos. "Ροδοσ" Leipzig.` "at the polychromatic press of J.D.Nerantzis" 1886
Lithograph map of Rhodes, from Ivan Petrov's "Atlas of the holy struggle of the Greeks for Independence"[ "Ατλας Τον Υπερ Ανεζαρτηησιας Ιερο Των Ελληνων Αγωνος"] printed in colour. verso blank.
Surrounded by decorative border; title and text in Greek. Evenly toned .

Ivan Petrov
was a Russian philhellene born of a Greek mother. He was an artilliary officer and later became a journalist and editor of a periodical supporting Greek interest entitled "Anatoli"
Petrov settled in Greece in 1882 and devoted the rest of his life to historical studies. He published his idiosyncratic "Ατλας Τον υπερ Ανεζαρτηησιας Ιερο Των Ελληνων Αγωνος"in 1886. The maps give details of the roles of the various islands and areas of Greece during the Greek War of Independence,; some islands are identified as traitors and removed from their island groups and illustrated seperately.
Blackmer/Navari 1299; Blackmer/ Sotheby's 1396. 465 by 265mm (18¼ by 10½ inches).   ref: 2072  €130

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