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Ortelius, Abraham. "Iacobo Castado" Griecken. "Graeciae Univerae Secundum hodierum situm Neoterica Descriptio." "Antverpiæ"/Antwerp.. " ghedruckt by Gieles van Diest." 1571/3
Copper engraved map of Greece after Jacob Gastaldi from Ortelius' "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum" 1571 edition; coloured ;Dutch text to verso.
The map is from the first Dutch text edition of the "Theatrum". Good dark impression; ligtly toned; old red crayon lines from Arta to Lamia and on the Isthmus of Corinth, various other pencil underlinings; Short centrefo0ld split at lower margin [repaired to verso].

Abraham Ortelius,[ 1527-1598] Flemish Cartographer . produced the first modern Atlas "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum" in 1570. printed by Aegidus Coppen Diest.
There were numerous editions thereafter with texts in various languages; the printing of such was taken over by Chrstoffel Plantijn in 1579 .
Ortelius himself drew all the maps in manuscript before passing them to the printers. there is conjecture that he may have engraved some of the plates as well

Ortelius was Geographer Royal To Phillip II of Spain from 1575. He also worked closely with Braun & Hogenburg on the "Civitas Orbis Terarum".
After his death the plates were purchased by Jan Baptiste Vrients in 1601 who published further editions until 1612.
Van de Krogt :3; .Koeman: Ort 3, 40; Zacherakis: 2485/1610; van den Broecke:146. 362 by 513mm (14¼ by 20¼ inches).   ref: 2483  €1100

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