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Decorative map of Euboa,with a view of Chalkis.

CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria. CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria. Map of Euboa with a view of Chalkis. "Regno di negroponte...". Venice CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria. 1692-7
Large double page copper engraved plate with a map of Euboa and view of Chalkis/ Negroponte from CORONELLI's "Corso Geographico Universale." of 1692. Black & white; verso blank.
The large decorative map is surrounded by an ornate baroque border. The map is engraved as if upon a drape or curtain, being held aloft by a putti to reveal a view of the city of Negroponte or Chalkida, showing the narrow straits with the castle. The Lion of Venice stands in the foreground.
Euboa was held by the Venetians and the Veronese after the Fourth Crusade with Chalcis in the hands of the Venetians, The island fell to the Ottomans in in 1470 after a long siege. As an important trade port for the Venetians they attempted to regain Negroponte in 1688 but were held off by the Ottomans. Dark impression on thick laid paper; 5 wormholes at centrefold and another top left close to edge of plate; printed slightly crooked on page hence upper margin short [approx. 3-10mm]; slight browning to centrefold due to glue of guard and browning to extreme edges.

CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria (1650-1718).
Franciscan monk, cosmographer, cartographer, publisher, famous for his globes and also the "Atlante Veneto-Isolario" 1690-96 and the"Corso Geografico Universale"of 1692-97 to name the most important of the some 140 books he published.
In his home city he founded the very first geographical society, the Accademia Cosmografica degli Argonauti. He also held the position of Cosmographer of the Republic of Venice. Later six volumes of the Biblioteca Universale Sacro-Profana were published by Coronelli. This was a kind of encyclopedia, its compiled entries were ordered alphabetically.
Coronelli died at the age of 68 in Venice, having created hundreds of maps in his lifetime.
Zacharakis; 1091/676. 460 by 610mm (18 by 24 inches).   ref: 2524  €1200

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