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Innocence Recognized.

After Schall by A. Legrande [le Grande]. Innocence Recognized. "L'innocence Reconnue." Paris "chez Depuille, Md. d'Estampes, Rue St Denis no 52 Section de Bon Conseil." C1790-1800
Black and white copper & stipple engraving of a scene from the legend of Genevieve of Brabant by Augustin Legearde after Schall. Title in French
The image shows Genevieve of Brabant with her son discovered by her husband Siegfried whilst out hunting with a wounded deer at her feet.

The Genevieve tale first obtained wide popularity in L'Innocence reconnue, ou vie de Sainte Genevieve de Brabant(pr. 1638) by the Jesuit René de Cerisiers (1603–1662).
The story is a typical example of the widespread tale of the chaste wife falsely accused and repudiated, generally on the word of a rejected suitor. Genevieve of Brabant was said to be the wife of the palatine Siegfried of Treves, and was falsely accused by the majordomo Golo. Sentenced to death, she was spared by the executioner and lived for six years with her son in a cave in the Ardennes nourished by a roe. Siegfried, who had meanwhile found out Golo's treachery, was chasing the roe when he discovered her hiding-place, and reinstated her in her former honour. Dark impression; light toning; trimmed to plate mark ; short tears to upper and lower margins, one longer ( approx 70mm )entering image at upper margin.

The name "A. Legrand" appears as the engraver of the works of artists such as Jean-Louis Prévost, Fragonard and E. Aubry. A. Legrand was probably Auguste-Claude-Simon Legrand (1765-1815) a French engraver, who produced prints of religious and literary subjects, views and portraits. He was a pupil of Louis le Grand.
520 by 615mm (20½ by 24¼ inches).   ref: 2691  €450

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