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Samos, Northern Aegean.

Camocio, Giovanni Francisco. Samos. "Samo." Venice. Ferrando and/or Donato Bertell. 1566-74
Copper engraved view of the island of Samos from Camoccio's " Isole Famose Porti, Fortezze E Terre Maritime" . Verso blank; modern hand colour Dark impression; light soiling mainly to margins; old ink number to lower right corner in blank margin; lower left corner torn off [ far from image].

Giovanni Francesco Camocio
was active as map publisher in Venice between 1558 and 1575. He was one of the most important mapmakers of the Lafreri-school.
During the short period between the publication of Sebastian M√ľnster's Geographia (1540) in Basel and Abraham Ortelius Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (1570) in Antwerp, Italy was the most important place of map production in Europe. The output in Rome and Venice was no less than 660 different maps of the world, which were based mostly on large woodcut maps. These Italian copper engraved maps were used, among others, by Mercator and Ortelius as templates. The individual maps of different formats were mostly compiled at the request of the buyer and bound by expanding the margin of the smaller maps. For the resulting bound collection of maps, the name Lafreri-Atlas has established. Besides the eponym Antonio Lafreri and Camocio, we have to mention Bertelli, Duchetti and Forlani, which also published bound collections of maps. As the most important representative of this period, the Venetian cartographer Giacomo Gastaldi overshadowed his combatant in volume and importance.
Besides Camocio's single-sheet maps of the continents and the world, he published an Isolario, a collection of island maps and plans of harbour. It was published between c. 1566 and 1574 without a title, after 1575 with the title "Isole Famose Porti, Fortezze E Terre Maritime" by Donato Bertelli who published the plates under his name after the death of Camocio.
Blackmer /Navari:274; Zacharakis:789/515. 206 by 155mm (8 by 6 inches).   ref: 2753  €750

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