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Scarce Plate of Kefalonia from " La Galerie Agreable du Monde".

Aa, Pieter van der. "I. Stemmers Fecit" Plan of the Fort of Zante/ Zakynthos; Kefalonia Map; Kefalonia View; Plan of Assos. " Fortresse de Zante; plan de Chateau de Zante, dans l'Isle de même nom.; lIsle Cepalonie ou Cephalonia; Cefalonie; La Ville de Cefalonia dans l'Isle du même nom, dans le Mediterranée; Forteresse d'Assso :dans l'Isle de Cephalonie" " LugduniBatavorum" /Leiden "Par Pierre van der Aa, Marchand Libraire, Imprimeurde l'Univerite et de la Ville." 1729
Copper engraved plate showing Kefalonia map views and plans of from Pieter van der Aa's " La Galerie Agreable du Monde." Black & white; verso blank.
This scarce plate from van der Aa's monumental work shows 4 vignettes on 1 plate within an engraved frame. The plates are: plan of the fort Zante after Coronelli; map of Isle de Kefalonie after Dapper; view of Kefalonie after Coronelli plan of the Fortress of Assos after Coronelli. Dark impression; old ink number to lower right corner just inside plate mark.

Pieter van der Aa 1659-1733

Pieter van der Aa was a publisher, editor and bookseller of Leiden. He started as a bookseller at the age of twenty-three. In 1682 he is mentioned as the owner of a bookshop and auction house and by 1692 was one of the High commissioners of the Booksellers' Guild.

As a publisher his output was varied and prodigious though his main interest was the production of maps and atlases, which he printed in all sizes.
He published two extensive works in multiple volumes; the "Naaukeurige versameling der Gedenkwaardigste see-enland-reysen"[ "Collection of memorable sea and land voyages"] published 1706-1708 in 28 volumes and" La Galerie Agreable du Monde" 66 parts in 27 volumes, completed in 1729 and containing over 3 000 maps of which it is said only 100 sets were published (Tooley, p. 1) ;as well as various atlases such as the "Atlas Nouveau"completed circa 1710 and other illustrated books,
Acquiring the map plates of earlier cartographers and map mappers, van der Aa was famous for re-issuing several important maps in the eighteenth century. Many of these maps were engraved by well-known Dutch engravers such as Luiken, Goeree and Stoopendael, and are typical examples of early eighteenth-century map production.
Koeman1: Aa9, Vol.47; pl.37 ; Zacharakis:41. 345 by 420mm (13½ by 16½ inches).   ref: 2758  €600

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