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"Édition Très Estimée " of Aristophanes' Comedies.

Aristophanes ΑΡΙΣΤΟΦΑΝΟΥΣ ΚΟΜΟΔΙΑΙ ΕΝΔΕ Aristophanis Comoediae vndecim cvm scholiis antiqvis quæ studio & opera nobilis viri Odoardi Biseti Carlæi sunt quamplurimis locis accuratè emendata, & perpetuis nouis scholiis illustrata. Ad quæ etiam accesserunt eiusdem in duas posteriores noui commentarij: operâ tamen & studio doctissimi viri d. Æylij Francisci Porti Cretensis filij ex Biseti autographo exscripti & in ordinem digesti Aureliae Allobrogum- Geneva Sumptibus Caldorianae Societatis. 1607
Folio; pp [36], 916, [28] Full contemporary vellum, title in ink to spine. Parallel Greek and Latin text in two columns, .with scholia of Biseti, Gerardus &c
"Très estimée" edition of Aristophanes' Eleven Comedies. Brunet and Graesse consider this the most correct text. The Latin translation is made form the versions of Frischlin, Flor. Chrestien and Andr. Divus.
Greek scholia beneath text, with the exception of Σφηκεσ(The Wasps) Πλουτοσ(Wealth) & Ειρηνη(Peace) where there is also Latin scholia. Spotting and toning throughout due to quality of paper. Worm track to last page of index and rear endpapers.
Under linings and annotations to margins in red crayon mainly to the Latin scholia of Σφηκεσ,(The Wasps)Πλουτοσ(Wealth) & Ειρηνη (Peace).

Aristophanes c. 446 – c. 386 BC, known as the Father of Comedy, was a comic playwright of ancient Athens.
Eleven of his forty plays survive virtually complete. These, together with fragments of some of his other plays, provide the only real examples of a genre of comic drama known as Old Comedy, and are used to define it.
Aristophanes has been said to recreate the life of ancient Athens more convincingly than any other author. His powers of ridicule were feared and acknowledged by influential contemporaries; Plato singled out Aristophanes' play The Clouds as slander that contributed to the trial and subsequent condemning to death of Socrates although other satirical playwrights had also caricatured the philosopher.
Brunet:1,452-3; Graesse:1, 206-7. 355 by 230mm (14 by 9 inches).   ref: 2997  €1500

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