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Herodotus' History

Herodotus. ΗΡΟΔΟΤΟΥ ΑΛΙΚΑΡΝΑΣΣΗΟΣ ΙΣΤΟΡΙΩΝ ΛΟΓΟΙ Θ ΕΠΙΓΡΑΦΟΜΕΝΟΙ ΜΟΥΣΑΙ.. Herodoti Halicarnassei Historiarum Libri IX Novem Musarum Nominibus Inscripti Ejusdem Narratio de Vita Homeri.
Excerpt è Ctesiæ Libris de Rebus Persicus & Indicis. Græcè & Latinè.
Et H Stephani Apologia Herodoto..
Londini Typus E Horton & J Grover, Impensis Johannis Dunmore, Richard Chiswel, Benjamin Tooke & Thomæ Sawbridge 1679
Folio;[77],708p,[44] 33p[34] [1]. full mottled calf, red morocco label, gilt.
This edition was a re-publication of Henri Estienne's earlier editions of 1566 and 1592.
This particular edition was edited in London in 1679 by Thomas Gale (1635/6-1702).
Gale was a classical scholar, educated at Westminster School and Trinity College, Cambridge, and later appointed as Regius Professor of Greek at Cambridge in 1666. Due to his profound fascination with both Greek and Latin classics, he re-published many classical works, one being Herodotus' Histories. His edition of Herodotus' work had a dedication to William Sancroft, then Archbishop of Canterbury. Although it is uncertain why Gale decided to dedicate the book to Sancroft, it is likely that he was trying to impress the relatively new archbishop, who was Archbishop of Canterbury from 1677-1690

Gale worked collaboratively with several other men who printed and sold his edition to the general public. He worked with two printers, E. Horton and James Grover who then sent the printed editions of the book to many booksellers in London: John Dunmore, Richard Chriswell, Benjamin Tooke, and Thomas Sawbridge. Horton was a printer in London during the years 1671-88. He was often employed to print editions of classics, the first being a folio of Herodotus in Greek and Latin, for which the type was a cast by James Grover. Horton during this time was a notable printer and his books often rank among the best of the century. Grover was a printer and type-founder in London from 1676-1728. He began as a printer and type-founder in 1676 and in 1679 he cast the types for this collaborative work on Herodotus. Once Horton and Grover were finished with the collaborative printing for this edition, they sent the edition to Dunmore, Chriswell, Tooke, and Sawbridge to sell to the public. [Edward Worth Library: Ms Jordan Sparks, Grand Valley State University, Michigan.] Joints starting, old repair to front lower joint. Lacks front free endpaper. title with stain to edge, owners inscription and former owners inscription crossed out.
Annotations to margins of Euterpe, Thalia, Melpomene, Erato, Urania and Calliope [ line numbers in roman numerals].
Damp stain to rear effecting last pages of index in gutter[ 8 leaves]. wormimg to gutter of 8 leaves of index just touching a few letters.
ink stain to fore edge at rear not spreding into text block.

320 by 210mm (12½ by 8¼ inches).   ref: 3086  €1150

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