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Rare Plate of the Castles of the Peloponnesus by Danckerts.

Danckerts Justus The Fort's of the Peloponnesus. "D' Voornnamaste Fortressen van Moræa." Amsterdam. "uytgegeven door Justus Danckerts met Privelegio va de E:H;Staten van Holl: en Westvries-lant." c 1680s
Scarce copper engraved plate by Justus Danckerts showing the forts of the Peloponnesus. Original colour, verso blank. Title to banner.
The scarce plate shows 18 views of towns and forts of the Peloponnesus.
The towns shown are S. Maura [Levkada], Lepanto, Patras, Cefalonia, Navarino, Modon [Methoni] Coron, Calamata, Malvasia [Monomvasia], Napoli di Romania [Nafplion], Megara Athens, Casstel tornese, Mistra, Corinth, Zarnata, Fortresse de Zante, Fortresse de Cerigo [Kythera].
Published around the same period as Frederick de Wit's famous map of the Peloponnesus,[ Zacharakis3709/2387], Danckert's would also publish a map of Greece surrounded by vignettes[ Zacharakis Map 1280/869]
However these are not those views, which were similar to those of de Wit, who had used reduced versions of Coronelli's views from the Venetian author's "Memorie Isttorigriograpfice elli Regni della Morea, Negreponte et littoral.."[1686]. Here we see sea battles before the ports of Patras, Navarino, Modon and Nafplion which suggest they were original illustrations of the battles of the Venetian Turkish war [1684-1699.]
It is possible that the sheet was published as an adjunct to his map of the Morea and it has been suggested that the vignettes could be cut to surround that map as a border.
. Removed from a frame, light toning; some creasing at centre; ink anotaion below view of Coron; ink number to upper right corner.
The 4 lower vignettes measure :78x142mm; the other 14 are 78x134mm

Justus Danckerts I [1635 170
was a Dutch engraver and print publisher who along with other members of the Danckerts family created one of the leading Dutch geographical map and atlas publishing houses.
Justus Danckerts was the son of Cornelis Danckerts I (1603-1656), who established the Danckerts cartographic family business in Amsterdam.
After producing in the early 1680s over 20 folio-sized atlas maps, he published in 1686–1887 the first Danckerts atlas.
In 1690, another 26-sheet geographical atlas was published; between 1698 and 1700, a 60-sheet atlas was completed. Its map sheets and plates were used by various publishers until the middle of the 18th century.
not in Zacharakis 435 by 595mm (17¼ by 23½ inches).   ref: 3234  €1400

Company: Bryan, Mary Louise. Address: 6 Alikarnassou Street, 21100 Nafplion, Greece.
Vat No: EL 119092581