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Corfu/Kerkyra, Ionian Islands

Dapper, Olfert "Pianta dell. Isola di Corfu con parte della Graecia" Amsterdam Wolfgang, Waesbergen, Boom, Someren en Goethals 1688
Double page, copper engraved map from Dapper's "Beschryving van Morea". Detailed map of the island of Corfu. also showing the coast of [modern] Albania and Epirus from Cimara to Parga. Decorative cartouche surmounted by the lion of Venice. Dark impression. wide margins. : verso blank, folio.

Olfert Dapper's "Description of the Morea " has only one edition with Dutch text. published in1688.
Zacharakis1287/873# 270 by 355mm (10¾ by 14 inches).   ref: 999  €1200

Company: Bryan, Mary Louise. Address: Ag. Andrianoy 92 , 21 100 Nafplio, Greece.
Vat No: EL 119092581