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Dapper, Olfert Joanne Blaeu. I. F Peloponnesus; "Nova et Accurata Moeræ olim Peloponnesus dictæ" Amsterdam Wolfgangh, Waesbergen, Boom. Someren en Goethals 1688
Large folding map of the Peloponnesus by Joanne Blaeu for Dapper's' Beschryving van Morea" of 1688. Engrved by Joannes de Broen. Dedicated " Amplissimo Spectatissimo prudentiß viro D. Nicolao Witsen I. V. D. Urbis Amstelodamensis Consuli et senatori tabulam hanc D. D" With the privelege of Holland and West frisiæ.
Two cartouches, the title cartouche surmounted by the lion of Venice, depicting the Turks as devils being cast out of" paradise' by the angels/ cherubim of Venice. Dark impression. with good margins [15-20mm], . Folded. Slight splitting in margins at 2 folds. 2 small holes at the points of the double folds, some slight creasing

Olfert Dapper's "Description of the Morea " has only one edition with Dutch text. published in1688.

Joannes Blaeu published this map in his "Atlas Novus" in the editions of 1659-72, and 1662-65. it should not be confused with the "Morea" of Guilj. Blaeu which appeared in 1640

It was to appear later in the" Atlas Novus "of C. Allard in 1697, and thereafter in the Ottens "Atlas " of 1740

Nicolas Witsen. Mayor of Amsterdam, the dedicatee was a cartographer in his own right and advisor to Peter the Great of Russia.
Zacharakis391/250 460 by 555mm (18 by 21¾ inches).   ref: 1011  €850

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