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Korinthia/Corinth, Peloponessus

Dapper, Olfert "Gulf Of Corinth" Amsterdam Wolfgangh, Waesbergen, Boom. Someren en Goethals 1688
Copper engraved map of the gulf of Corinth, set in a page of Dutch text [page16]. From Dapper's "Naukeurige Beschryving van Morea"1688. Single page; Folio; text to verso. Dark impression, wide margins.

Olfert Dapper's "Description of the Morea " has only one edition with Dutch text. published in1688.
Zacharakis 1293/877 125 by 155mm (5 by 6 inches).   ref: 1013  €150

Company: Bryan, Mary Louise. Address: 6 Alikarnassou Street, 21100 Nafplion, Greece.
Vat No: EL 119092581