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Alonissos, Sporades

Dapper, Olfert "Pelagnisi & Dromi" Amsterdam Wolfgangh, Waesbergen, Boom. Someren en Goethals 1688
2 Copper engraved maps on one page; Alonissos / Peliganisi and Dromi
From Olfert Dapper's" Naukeurige Beschryving der Eilanden in de Archipel der Middelantsche Zee"1688. Single page, folio, verso blank. Good impressions. . Lower margin short, 5mm. just touching platemark. Right margin 8-10mm.

it is difficult to identify the modern islands here named "Dromi & Saraquino". In early shipping manuels Dromi is said to be east of Skopolos and called also Kelidromi or Lidromi. there is an island now called Sarakino but this is just south of Skyros, so cannot be the island depicted here.
If one looks at modern maps the only island north of the Adelfoi islands is Peristera. which could perhaps have been mistaken for two islands by early cartographers.
Olfert Dapper: "Naukeurige Beschryving der Eilanden inde Archipel der Miidlantsche Zee" 1688 first edition with Dutch text.
Zacherakis 1308/892 130 by 175mm (5 by 7 inches) each map.   ref: 1069  €250

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