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Sestos, Turkey.

Dapper, Olfert. Sestos. "Sestos in Europa" Amsterdam Wolfgangh, Waesbergen, Boom. Someren en Goethals 1688
Copper engraved View of Sestos. Turkey.
From Olfert Dapper's" Naukeurige Beschryving der Eilanden in de Archipel der Middelantsche Zee"1688. Double, folio, blank verso. Dark impression. wide margins. Slight dampstaining to lower blank margin.

Sestos on the Gallipoli peninsular, was the home of Hero of the Myth of "Hero & Leander". Leander, lived on the opposite shore of the Hellispont at Abydos and would swim across each night guided by the light of the Sestos lighthouse to visit his lover. One night he was caught in a storm and drowned, when Hero saw his body. washed up on the shore, the next morning she threw herself in to the Hellispont.
In 1810 Lord Byron swam the Hellispont [ in 4 hours] to recreate Leander's feat.
Olfert Dapper: "Naukeurige Beschryving der Eilanden inde Archipel der Miidlantsche Zee" 1688 first edition with Dutch text.
290 by 356mm (11½ by 14 inches).   ref: 1088  €150

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