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Milos/Milo, Cyclades

Tournefort, Joseph Pitton de After Claude Aubriet Milo, Map & Costume "Portdu Milo, du Sommet de la Montaigne de St. Helene, avec le profill des Isles Voiines" & "Femmes de Milo" Amsterdam Janssoons van Waesberge. 1737
Copper engraved Map/Birdseye of the Island of Milo, with costume of the women of Milo, 2 on1 plate;
from Tournefort's "Beschryving van eene Reize naar de Levant" ["Relation D'Un Voyage du Levant"] 1737 [5th edition]. Single page, large 4to, verso blank. Dark impression, with wide margins.

In the 1st edition and the subsequent editions until 1737 the 2 plates were seperate, thus this must have been re engraved for 1737 edition as it is one plate.

Joseph Pitton de Tournefort:"Relation D'Un Voyage au Levant" was first published, postumously, in Paris in 1717 [4to]; there was another edition published the same year in Lyons [8vo]. The following year, 1818 two more editions were published; in Amsterdam [in the original French] [4to], and in London, translated in to English [8vo].
In 1737 an edition was published in Dutch, in Amsterdam [4to], followed in 1741 by a second English edition. The last edition was published in German in 1776 [8vo].
The plates, after the sketches and paintings of Claude Aubriet, therefore appear in a number of formats depending upon the edition.

Joseph Pitton de Tournefort [ 1656-1708] was primarily a Botanist, he visited the Levant in the years 1700 -1702, at the command of Louis XIV; He was expressly commanded to go overland so that he could confirm the accuracy of the maps and reports the King was receiving from his ambassadors to the Caliphs of Alexandria & Constantinople. He was paticularly to observe the peoples, towns, cities, produce and manufacturing of the countries through which he travelled. Originally he was to travel through as far as Ethiopia via Eygypt, but he turned back early, on hearing reports of the Plague. He was accompanied on the Voyage by the artist Claude Aubriet.
Blackmer/Navari 1318[1st edition]; Zacharakis 3523/2298 210 by 162mm (8¼ by 6½ inches).   ref: 1109  €100

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