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The Twelve Tribes in the Holy Land .

Alexis Hubert Jaillot. Iudæa seu Terra Sancta, quæ Herbræorum. Sive Israelitarum Terra, in suas Duodecim Tribus Divisa. "Iudæa seu Terra Sancta, quæ Herbræorum. Sive Israelitarum Terra, in suas Duodecim Tribus Divisa.secretis ab invicem Iuda et Israel....." A Paris. "apud Herbertum Jaillot propemaiorum Conventum PP Augustinensiu, sub Signo duorum Globorù" 1696
Large double page copper engraved map of the Holy Land after " Guillielmi Sanson Nicolas Fily",from Jaillot's "Atlas Nouveau"1698.Original outline colour; verso blank; Old ink number to upper right corner.
The map is an enlargement of a previous map by Sanson's father, Nicolas Sanson (1600-67). The map shows the division of Biblical Israel among the Twelve Tribes and is based on information found in the Bible.
Large decorative title cartouche ornamented with images of Moses & Abraham ; scale adorned by Adam & Eve below the tree of Knowledge complete with serpent, surrounded by the animals and fruits of Eden. Good, dark impression; light toning; a couple of minor spots near scale.

Alexis-Hubert Jaillot (1632-1712), French cartographer & publisher.
In 1665 Jaillot became Sculpteur du Roi & in 1678, Sculpteur & Geographe ordinaire du Roi, official geographer to King Louis XIV.
He worked closely with the heirs of Nicolas Sanson, Guillaume & Adrien Sanson, in the late 1660's and early 1670's and redrew Nicolas Sanson's maps on a larger scale, issued in his 'Atlas Nouveau' .

His most famous works include the"Atlas Nouveau", first published in 1674 (reissued in numerous editions, including Dutch editions by Mortier and Covens and Mortier) ;the "Neptune François" [1692] & the " tlas François "[1694 & 1705].

Nicolas Sanson (1600-1667) French cartogrpher
appointed 'Geographe Ordinaire du Roi',to Louis XIII one of his duties being to tutor the King in geography. He is considered by many to be the originator of the great age of French cartography.

Guillaume Sanson (1633-1703) i son of, Nicolas Sanson (1600-67). The younger Sanson took over the family publishing business after his father's death and had a long-standing relationship with Jaillot,
575 by 846mm (22¾ by 33¼ inches).   ref: 1865  €750

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