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Lisbon the Capital of Portugal.

Stridbeck, Johann Lisbon "Lissabon die Königlichte Haupt und Residenz Statt in Portugall." Augsburg Stridbeck, Johann c1700
Copper engraved view of Lisbon,from Johann Stridbeck's "Curiosen Staats und Kriegs Theatrums"Black & white as published.
The view shows the city from the sea with many boats and ships in the foreground.
The view was later issued by Gabriel Bodenehr in his"Europe Pracht und Macht" with a key and description to the left Dark impression.

Johann Stridbeck (1665 - 1714)
Engraver and publisher of Augsburg. Worked together with his father Johann Stridbeck (1640 - 1716). They made many views, town plans and maps from all over Europe, which were later on reissued by Gabriel Bodenehr (1664 - 1758). Stridbeck junior died in 1714, before his father, when Stridbeck senior had died (in 1716), the bereaved family sold the publishing house and most of the copper plates in 1717 to the Augsburg publisher Gabriel Bodenehr. The name Stridbecks was removed from the plates and replaced by Bodenehrs name.

Family of engravers and publishers of Augsburg. the foreground pointing at the city Georg Bodenehr (1631 - 1704). Published atlases and geographical books. His son Gabriel Bodenehr (1664 - 1758) took over the plates of Johann Stridbeck (1640 - 1716), revised and issued them together with many other own views and maps in his books and atlases. In 1758 Georg Christian Kilian (1709 - 1781) took over his the publishing house.

"Europe Pracht und Macht"a series of engravings depicting city views, plans, fortresses and castles in Europe. Many plates often are showing fortifications in Hungary and Southeast Europe, Spain, Belgium, Austria and Germany.
166 by 320mm (6½ by 12½ inches)to plate mark.   ref: 2033  €350

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