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View of Telmessus.

Devereux, Walter Bourchier Tombs at Telmessus. "Rock Tombs at Telmessus." London. Dickenson & Co., Printsellers and Publishers to the Queen , 114 New Bond Street. 1847
Tinted lithograph view of the rock tombs of Telmessus from Captain, the Hon. Walter Bourchier Devereux's "Views on the Shores of the Mediterranean."Old handcolour.
The view shows the Lycian tombs built in the cliffs in the background with free standing tombs to the foreground on the valley floor, figures people the scene; a large fort stands on a rock to the right.

Telmessus was a flourishing city west of Lycia, on the Gulf of Fethiye. It was famed for its school of diviners, consulted among others by the Lydian king Croesus, prior to declaring war against Cyrus, and by Alexander the Great, when he came to the town after the siege of Halicarnassus.
Telmessos was renamed Anastasiopolis in the 8th century AD, apparently in honour of Emperor Anastasios II, but this name did not persist. The city came to be called Makri, after the name of the island at the entrance to the harbor. This name is attested for the first time in 879 AD.
The tombs date from about 400BC;the ruins are located at Fethiye. Tinted lithograph with old handcolour; clean and bright.

Rear-Admiral the Hon. Walter Bourchier Devereux, [1810 - 1868 ]

Devereux entered the Royal Navy in 1824. Whilst commanding the sloop "Snake" in the Mediterranean from 1841-1845, Devereux assisted Mr. Alison of the British Embassy at Constantinople to examine the sculptures at the Castle of Bodrum, The plates in "Views on the Shores of the Mediterranean."were probably drawn at the time along with the details of the sculptures and bas reliefs at Bodrum.

The uncommon work consists of 24 tinted lithograph plates, illustrating some unusual sites in Greece and Turkey.
Blackmer/Navari: 482; Blackmer/ Sothebey's: 549. 295 by 444mm (11½ by 17½ inches).Image within the border.   ref: 2379  €300

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