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Topographical Plan of Paris

Homann Heirs. "Carte Topographique des Environs & du Plan de Paris leveé par Msr l'Abbé Delagrive, & Copie selon l'original Parisien par les heritiers de feu Dr Homann." " Karte von der Gegend und GunDdrisder Stadt Paris..." Nuremberg Homœnisehen Erben. Homann Heirs. 1739
Copper engraved town plan of Paris and environs by Homann Heirs Original colour; title and text in French and German;verso blank.
The plan is based on Abbé Jean Delagrive's map of 1738 showing the greater environs of Paris at the time, many of today's districts appear as villages; with a key listing 63 landmarks. Extremely detailed, showing land use, buildings and roads. Coat of arms above key. Good impression; worm tracks ( approx 15 & 5mm) to key, 3 tiny worm holes to image and a couple more plus a short track to left margin.

Homann Heirs, "Homann Erben", "Homanniani Heredes", "Heritiers de Homann"continued the company of Johann Baptist Homann from 1724-1748, they reissued his maps and also produced many new maps during that time.

Johann Baptist Homann (1664 – 1724)
from 1687 Homann worked as a civil law notary in Nuremberg. He soon turned to engraving and cartography; in 1702 he founded his own publishing house.
Homann acquired renown as a leading German cartographer, and in 1715 was appointed Imperial Geographer by Emperor Charles VI. Giving such privileges to individuals was an added right that the Holy Roman Emperor enjoyed. In the same year he was also named a member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences in Berlin. Of particular significance to cartography were the imperial printing privileges (Latin: privilegia impressoria). These protected for a time the authors in all scientific fields such as printers, copper engravers, map makers and publishers. They were also very important as recommendation for potential customers.
In 1716 Homann published his masterpiece "Grosser Atlas ueber die ganze Welt" Numerous maps were drawn up in cooperation with the engraver Christoph Weigel the Elder,
Homann died in Nuremberg. He was succeeded by the Homann Heirs company, in business until 1848, known as "Homann Erben", "Homanniani Heredes", "Heritiers de Homann" abroad.
435 by 613mm (17¼ by 24¼ inches).   ref: 2540  €800

Company: Bryan, Mary Louise. Address: 6 Alikarnassou Street, 21100 Nafplion, Greece.
Vat No: EL 119092581