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The East Coast of the Peloponnesus.

Boschini, Marco. The East Coast of the Peloponnesus. "Damala et Altreis" Venice. Niccolini, Francesco. 1658
Copper engraved map of the eastern part of the Peloponnesus from Boschini's "L'Archipelago con tutte Isole, scolgio secche, e bassi fondi, con i mare, golfi, seni, porti, citta e' castelli. " Italian text to succeeding map to verso; modern hand colour.
The unusual map shows the coast of Argolis and the Argo-Saronic gulf. Portrayed with south at the top it is more recognisable when turned 180 degrees showing the Isthmus of Corinth, the islands of the Saronic gulf, Aegina, Methana [Damala of the title], Hydra, Poros ,and Spetze. the Argolic gulf with Nafplion and the coast down to Neapolis, including monomvasia. Good impression; slight show through of text from verso; modern hand colour; mounted.

Marco Boschini, [1613-78]
Venetian painter and engraver, published two important works regarding Greece: the " L'Archipelago. . . ' an isolario of the Greek Islands in 1658 and the earlier" Il Regno tutto di Candia" in 1645.
The outlines of the Islands in the "L"Archipelago. . " recall those of Bartelemeo dalli Sonnetti, whose "Isolario " published inVenice. 1485 was the first appearance of the islands in printed form.
Blackmer :172; Zacharakis:591/393. 175 by 116mm (7 by 4½ inches).   ref: 2760  €500

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